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ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy

ISBN: 978-0-470-45026-0
416 pages
January 2010
ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy (0470450266) cover image
Taking into account that many of today's digital artists -- particularly 3D character animators -- lack foundational artistic instruction, this book teaches anatomy in a coherent and succinct style. A clear writing style explains how to sculpt an accurate human figure, starting with the skeleton and working out to muscle, fat, and skin. Insightful explanations enable you to quickly and easily create and design characters that can be used in film, game, or print, and allows you to gain a strong understanding of the foundational artistic concepts.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Chapter 1 Blocking in the Mesh.

Sculpting the Figure.

Gesture, Form, and Proportion.




From Basic Forms to Complex Shapes.

Anatomical Terminology.

Creating a Base Sculpting Mesh.

Building a Sculpt Mesh in Maya.

Building a Sculpt Mesh in ZBrush.

What’s Next?

Chapter 2 Gesture and Masses.

Looking at the Figure as a Whole.

Crests and Valleys.

Plane and Profile Analysis.

Sculpting a Basic Figure.

Getting Started.

The Legs.

The Chest and Shoulders.

Analyzing Planes.

What’s Next?

Chapter 3 The Head and Neck.

The Skull.

Proportions and Placement of Facial Features.

Placing the Features.

Sculpting the Basic Skull.

Refining the Initial Sculpt.

The Facial Muscles.

The Masseter and Temporalis.


The Zygomaticus Major and Minor.

The Orbicularis Oris.

The Triangularis and the Mentalis: The Chin.

The Frontalis: The Forehead.

The Orbicularis Oculi.

The Buccinator Muscle.

The Facial Features.

The Nose.

Closing the Mouth.

The Neck Muscles.

Refining the Surface.

Sculpting the Ear.

Adding Character and Refining Forms.

Final Adjustments.

What’s Next?

Chapter 4 The Torso.

Changing the Torso Masses.

Model Preparation: Storing a Morph Target.

Adjusting the Chest Mass.

Sculpting the Torso.


Abdominal Muscles.

Serratus and Oblique.

Muscles of the Back.

What’s Next?

Chapter 5 The Arms.

Basic Forms.

Muscular and Skeletal Anatomy.

Skeletal Landmarks Addressed in This Chapter.

Muscles Addressed in This Chapter.

Sculpting the Arm.

Shoulder and Upper Arm.


Lower Arm.

What’s Next?

Chapter 6 The Pelvis and Legs.

Basic Pelvis and Leg Forms.

Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy.

Muscles of the Pelvis and Leg Addressed in This Chapter.

Sculpting the Pelvis and Legs.

Adjusting the Leg Position.

Sculpting the Pelvis and Buttocks.

Sculpting the Upper Leg.

Sculpting the Knee.

Sculpting the Lower Leg.

Sculpting the Finishing Pass.

What’s Next?

Chapter 7 The Hands and Feet.

Anatomy of the Hands and Feet.

Relative Proportions.

Skeletal Structure.

Anatomical Direction.

The Surface Anatomy of the Hand.

The Surface Anatomy of the Foot.

Block Forms and Planes.

Sculpting the Hand.

Adding Flesh Folds and Details.

Sculpting the Feet.

Finishing the Figure.

Overall Form Changes.

Adding Flesh and Fat.

Chapter 8 Remeshing.

What Is Remeshing?

Why Remesh?

Introducing the ZBrush Topology Tools.


Using the ZBrush Topology Tools.

Remeshing the Shoulders.

Remeshing a Head with NEX.

Creating the Initial Mesh with NEX.

Adding the Eye and Mouth Bags.

What’s Next?

Chapter 9 Texturing.

UV Texture Coordinates.

Mapping UV Texture Coordinates.

Editing UVs.

Importing UVs into the Tool.

Creating Texture Maps for Skin.

Creating Textures for Subsurface-Scattering Shaders.

Mottling the Skin.

Painting the Epidermal Layer.

Exporting Textures from ZBrush.

Surface Noise.

Activating Surface Noise.

Converting Bumps to a Normal Map.

Chapter 10 Costuming.

A Costume Workflow.

Creating the Mask.

Preparing the ZBrush Topology Tools.

Making a Base Mesh.

Generating a Hero Mask from the Topology.

Sculpting the Costume Details.

Sculpting the Mask.

Sculpting the Shirt.

Adding a Repeating Pattern to the Sleeves.

Sculpting the Pants.

Storing, Recalling, and Editing Masks as Alphas.

What’s Next?

Appendix About the Companion DVD.

What You’ll Find on the DVD.

Chapter Files.

Extra Videos.

System Requirements.

Using the DVD.


Customer Care.


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Scott Spencer is a freelance character designer and sculptor currently working at the Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand. Scott has worked on titles such as Iron Man, Golden Axe, Species 3, and others. His work can be seen in film, video games, and a variety of collectible figures.
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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
DVD DVD Correction to DVD content: misidentified video file
In the Introductory video on the DVD (filename DVD_introduction) a reference is made to a video called "". The actual filename given to that video is "" and it can be found in the file with the Chapter 2 resources on the DVD.
3/17/10 1st
1 17 Text correction
In step 4 under "Building a Sculpt Mesh in Maya," the third sentence, "Select the top face and extrude up twice, ending at the shorter line between lines 8 and 7." contains an error.

It should read "...ending at the shorter line between 7 and 6."
3/17/10 1st
6 183 Correction to Figure 6.8
The figure is mislabeled. The pointer with the label "Great trochanter" actually points to the Anterior superior iliac crest of the pelvis.

The Great trochanter should have been labeled in the figure also. It is the eminence on the uppermost part of the femur, pointing away from the joint with the pelvis.
3/26/10 1st
5 168 Text correction
In step 2 under "Sculpting the Lower Arm" the third sentence contains an error.
"Sketch in the division between the Trapezius, Brachialis, and these two muscles." should read:
"Sketch in the division between the Triceps, Brachialis, and these two muscles."
3/26/10 1st
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