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Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work

ISBN: 978-0-470-45242-4
272 pages
June 2009
Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work (0470452420) cover image


Do you want to be charged up every day? Do you want to be focused for every meeting? Do you want greater health, balance and happiness?

Facing a continual barrage of tasks coupled with a tough economy, many people feel completely drained by day’s end. To stay ahead of the game, you need to capitalize on your energy, to go full throttle when needed. Based upon his years of research as well as his coaching experiences with professional athletes and top executives, Dr. Steinberg has developed an energy management system comprised of 6 key emotional strengths. When you learn to master these strengths, you will thrive on the inside, regardless of what is happening on the outside. 

Full Throttle is filled with incredible stories, realistic examples, topical insights and hands on tools-Here is what you can expect to gain from reading this book:

  • Get Focused for every meeting
  • Develop greater balance in your life
  • Become more productive but work less hard
  • Plug up all the energy drains
  • Discover your inner flame of excellence
  • Be able to overcome obstacles and adversity
  • Be happier in your moments
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Table of Contents


Introduction: Master Your Emotions—Master Your World.


Chapter One: Cycling with Energy.

Chapter Two: Vision Guides Destiny.

Chapter Three: Race into the Strength Zone.

Chapter Four: Set Your Flame.

Chapter Five: Get a Charge from Risk.

Chapter Six: Find Your Flow.

Chapter Seven: Stick with the Basics.

Chapter Eight: Through the Uprights.

Chapter Nine: Start with a Beginner’s Mind.


Chapter Ten: Plan for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst.

Chapter Eleven: Wear the Red Shirt.

Chapter Twelve: Choose Your Attitude.

Chapter Thirteen: Fill Your Mind with Golden Nuggets.

Chapter Fourteen: Enlighten Your Game.

Chapter Fifteen: Be Comfortable in the Uncomfortable.

Chapter Sixteen: Pump Up with Positive Self-Talk.

Chapter Seventeen: Get a Lifeline.

Chapter Eighteen: Think Big.

Chapter Nineteen: Anticipate Your Excellence.


Chapter Twenty: Squash the Grapes.

Chapter Twenty-One: Turn Pressure into Pleasure.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Face Your Fears.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Sing the Carly Principle.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Get Rational.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Make Good from Bad.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Risk the Pain of Losing.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Fly in the No-Complaint Zone.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Develop Positive Rituals.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Kick the Anxiety Habit.


Chapter Thirty: Zen and the Art of Business.

Chapter Thirty-One: Quiet the Mind.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Develop a Post-Event Routine.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Open the Gates of your Concentration Reservoir.

Chapter Thirty-Four: Flow with Your Concentration Style.

Chapter Thirty-Five: Do the Twain.


Chapter Thirty-Six: Passion Play—The Phelpsian Way.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Discover the Power of Pride.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Secret Is in the Dirt.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Find Your Joy Spot.

Chapter Forty: Get a Mentor.

Chapter Forty-One: Drive to the Goal.

Chapter Forty-Two: Commit to Finishing the Race.

Chapter Forty-Three: Rocket Past a Plateau.

Chapter Forty-Four: Catapult with Charity.

Chapter Forty-Five: Leap Above Boredom.


Chapter Forty-Six: Discover Your Inner Tiger (Woods).

Chapter Forty-Seven: Let It Be.

Chapter Forty-Eight: Serenity Now.

Chapter Forty-Nine: The Best Are Never Satisfied.

Chapter Fifty: Let Integrity Flow.

Chapter Fifty-One: Temper Competitiveness with Mastery.

Chapter Fifty-Two: Diversify Your Life’s Portfolio.


Chapter Fifty-Three: Hit It out of the Park!

ESAT (Emotional Strength Assessment Tool).


More Information.

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Author Information

GREGG M. STEINBERG, PHD, is an expert in personal development and a corporate speaker on personal success to Fortune 500 companies including Pacific Life, UBS, and Merrill Lynch. He has authored two other motivational/success books, MentalRules® for Golf and Flying Lessons. Gregg has appeared regularly on television including CNN, Fox News, the Golf Channel, and Dancing with the Stars. Golf Digest ranked him as one of the game's great masterminds.

For more information, visit
www.DrGreggSteinberg.com and

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"Full Throttle has empowered us with a new mental strategy to help us all achieve full potential over our emotions. This work indeed has greatly added to the new science of positive psychology."
Dewey Bushaw, Executive Vice President, Pacific Life

"A must read for every for every business person. It will be required reading for all my CEOs."
Tim Shaver, Vistage Chair and CEO Coach

"Dr. Steinberg has the creative and intellectual ability to transform the latest research in psychology to practical guidelines useful for those aspiring for success in the business world."
Former President of the American Psychological Association

"Dr. Steinberg applies his knowledge of athletes and peak athletic performance to the business world and provides information that is fun, pertinent and insightful."
Pam Brown, Head of Human Resources, Vanderbilt University

"As a casting director I find Gregg Steinberg’s insights extremely relevant across many genres, not just business. I will use this wisdom in my work coaching talent -- including actors, television hosts and experts."
Barbara Barna, Barbara Barna Casting, Dr. Robert Singer

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