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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-45363-6
844 pages
September 2009
Mac OS X Snow Leopard Bible (047045363X) cover image

Tame the very latest Mac OS X cat, Snow Leopard 10.6

Snow Leopard moves faster and roars louder than its predecessor, and this comprehensive guide shows you all the ways to get the most out of this powerful new cat. Explore everything from its muscular handling of applications and streaming media to its new, game-changing support of Microsoft's ActiveSync technology. Get set up on Snow Leopard 10.6, learn professional-level security tools, and discover secret tricks and workarounds with this essential guide.

  • Install, set up, secure, and explore Mac OX 10.6 Snow Leopard

  • Connect to a network, work with MobileMe, and share files

  • Meet Grand Central Dispatch and jet-propel your apps with parallel processing

  • Get up to speed on Open CL, for faster general performance

  • Run Windows applications and exchange files with Windows PCs

  • Go beyond the basics with AppleScript, the Automator, and Unix commands

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Part I: Getting Started with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Chapter 1: Starting with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 3

Chapter 2: Exploring Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 29

Chapter 3: Using the Finder and Searching with Spotlight 103

Chapter 4: Backing Up Files 149

Chapter 5: Getting Help Inside Mac OS X 177

Chapter 6: Accessing Mac OS X with Universal Access 191

Chapter 7: Working with Applications and Documents 235

Chapter 8: Working with Mac OS X Applications, Utilities, and Widgets 275

Chapter 9: Playing Music and Videos 319

Part II: Networking and the Internet

Chapter 10: Connecting to the Web 349

Chapter 11: Collaborating and Communicating 377

Chapter 12: Setting Up a Network 433

Chapter 13: Sharing Files and Other Resources 447

Chapter 14: Serving Web Pages and Files from Your Mac 459

Chapter 15: Working with MobileMe 465

Part III: At Work with Mac OS X

Chapter 16: Working with Services 487

Chapter 17: Printing and Faxing 497

Chapter 18: Integrating with Windows 511

Chapter 19: Working with Microsoft Exchange 535

Part IV: Maintaining Your Mac with OS X

Chapter 20: Managing User Accounts 549

Chapter 21: Setting System Preferences 571

Chapter 22: Managing Fonts 627

Chapter 23: Securing Your Mac 647

Part V: Beyond the Basics

Chapter 24: Enhancing Mac OS X with Utilities 669

Chapter 25: Using AppleScript and Automator 675

Chapter 26: Making Use of Unix 705

Glossary 749

Index 779

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Galen Gruman is executive editor of InfoWorld.com and principal at The Zango Group, an editorial consulting firm. Previously, he was editor of Macworld (U.S.) and M-Business and West Coast bureau chief of Computerworld.

Mark Hattersley is Editor in Chief of the Macworld group in the UK. He watches over Macworld, MacVideo, iPod User, and Digital Arts. Mark is a technology writer and editor with wide-ranging experience in the tech industry in particular.

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