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DotNetNuke and Web Standards

ISBN: 978-0-470-45733-7
26 pages
December 2008
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This Wrox Blox demonstrates a web standards approach to building DotNetNuke skins by defining a flexible XHTML/CSS layout. This Wrox Blox also shows the differences between HTML and XHTML and provides recommendations to the module development process using web standards techniques.Professional web designers and developers are embracing web standards more than ever before. Many businesses are considering using the DotNetNuke framework for their next projects. The framework has great potential for worldwide adoption, from the small-business to the large-enterprise level. But when it comes to web standards, the framework is still lacking. DotNetNuke has already established its name as a robust system; it needs to be improved by using the latest technologies. This Wrox Blox encourages DotNetNuke developers to adopt the web standards approach.


Table of Contents 

What Are Web Standards? 4

The Benefits of Using Web Standards 4

Applying Web Standards in DotNetNuke Programming 4

HTML versus XHTML 5

Document Type Definition 6

Introducing the DotNetNuke Skinning Engine 7

Recommendations for CSS in DotNetNuke Framework 7

CSS and DotNetNuke Skinning 7

The Web Standards Approach to DotNetNuke Skinning: Building an Example Skin 8

Step 1. Defining Your DOCTYPE 8

Step 2. Setting up a Layout in XHTML 9

Step 3. Adding CSS 11

Step 4. Adding Dynamic Elements 13

Creating the Navigation Controls 15

Targeting Specific Web Browsers — Conditional Comments 20

Implementation of the Conditional Style Skin Object (Style Token in DNN 4.9) 20

A Few Recommendations for Module Development 21

Use Semantic Markup 21

Pay Attention to Search Engine Optimization Impact 22

Wrapping Up 23

About Cuong Dang 24


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Author Information

Cuong Dang is the Marketing Creative Director overseeing the product user interface and on-line marketing at Engage Software. This position was created because of his talent in enhancing the user experience by bridging the gap between technology and the general audience.

With over four years experience with web standards, Cuong currently works with clients of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. His primary roles include creating and assisting with modules and web site usability. Since Engage became an Official DotNetNuke Training Provider, Cuong has started providing instruction of DotNetNuke skinning and module UI for business professionals. He was a technical reviewer for DotNetNuke Skinning Tutorial, a book published in May 2008 by PACKT Publishing Company. Cuong is a frequent speaker for DotNetNuke User Group meetings in St. Louis and featured speaker for OpenForce North America and Tulsa TechFest.

In addition, he has extensive experience working with businesses in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Engage Software, he was the Business Development Executive at Minh Phuong Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Because of his international business experience, Cuong was invited to be a frequent speaker for Maryville University MBA students about global marketing and management, focusing on the Southeast Asia region.

Cuong graduated from Maryville University of Saint Louis with a background in Marketing and Management with a focus on international studies.

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