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The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want: The Nine Little Things That Matter Most

ISBN: 978-0-470-45800-6
141 pages
June 2009
The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want: The Nine Little Things That Matter Most  (0470458003) cover image


The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want is a must read for every executive and fundraiser who wonders how to attract and retain passionate and generous board members. Just listen to the Truth: stories from the mouths of high value volunteer leaders uncovered during extensive interviews with board members from around the world. The insight offered by these visionary leaders combined with June's decades of fundraising experience draw back the curtain on what really makes board members tick--and give. This is the perfect gift for board members!
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Table of Contents



Myth 1 It’s the Cause, Not the Company.

The Truth Current board makeup is the number one reason a top-flight candidate will agree to consider board service—or will not.

Myth 2 A Great Board Member Is a Great Board Member. Period.

The Truth The board member who doesn’t feel the cause passionately from head to toe can’t compete with one who does.

Myth 3 The Board Alone Is Responsible for Success or Failure.

The Truth Without a dedicated, smart, visible, and vocal CEO at the helm, a board will not totally engage.

Myth 4 CEO and Board Members Are Colleagues. Nothing More.

The Truth Engaged boards have an inspired CEO who forms a partnership with board members and demonstrates a passion for the mission while keeping ego in check.

Myth 5 It’s About the Work, Not About the Party.

The Truth “All work and no play” makes Jack an unhappy board member.

Myth 6 What the Executive Committee Shares Is Its Business.

The Truth The board chair and the CEO must build trust with the entire board.

Myth 7 Great Board Members = Big Check Writers. That’s All.

The Truth Board giving is directly correlated to the board experience.

Myth 8 No One Cares About Gift Expectations Two Years Out.

The Truth Tell the board in advance what is expected—all of it.

Myth 9 Boards Get a Lot from Training.

The Truth Board members hate anything labeled training.

The Other Side of the Story.

Jon Dellandrea, PhD, Former Pro Vice Chancellor, The University of Oxford.

Young P. Dawkins, III, Vice Principal for Advancement, University of Edinburgh.

Charles Phlegar, Vice President, Alumni Affairs and Development, Cornell University.

Nigel Redden, Director, Spoleto Festival USA.


Appendix: AlignMint.

A Self-Assessment Tool for Boards and Leadership.

Stage 1: Discovery.

Stage 2: Building the Relationship.

Stage 3: Full Commitment.

About the Author.


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Author Information

June Bradham is founder, owner, and President of Corporate DevelopMint, a fundraising and strategic planning consulting firm for nonprofits. Having personally led and overseen a team that has led scores of fundraising campaigns with goals that have ranged from $2 million to over $1 billion, June has become a recognized leader in the creation of innovative, successful development efforts. She was also honored by the Charleston Regional Business Journal as one of 2008's Most Influential Women in Business as the CEO of the Year, a testament to the strength of her for-profit acumen as well as her successes leading nonprofits.
June writes a monthly column in the Business Journal and has had a number of articles selected for inclusion in numerous trade publications throughout the nonprofit industry. Each year, she is invited to be a key speaker at many organizations, including the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the American Marketing Association.
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