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Enterprise Supply Chain Management: Integrating Best in Class Processes

ISBN: 978-0-470-46545-5
206 pages
June 2009
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Praise for Enterprise Supply Chain Management: Integrating Best-in-Class Processes

"Enterprise Supply Chain Management: Integrating Best-in-Class Processes is a great primer on all things supply chain. This is a must-read for any IT, finance, business, or sales executive working for an organization where supply chain is a strategic discipline."
David Landau, Vice President, Manhattan Associates

"This book provides a comprehensive mapping of supply chain processes and associated solution architecture. Its clarity and concise language makes it a definite read for anyone with a need to understand the bigger picture on supply chain management solutions and best practices. Equally suited for supply chain managers, IT managers, architects, and students looking forward to a career in supply chain management."
Yasser Alkazzaz, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Hatch Corporation (Canada)

"Easily the best book for the practitioners who must understand the overall scope of supply chain functions, technology, and its impact on finance in an enterprise, without the need to get into the algorithms behind the supply chain solutions. The appendix on potential evolution of a green supply chain is thought-provoking for those pioneering carbon-aware supply chains."
Pervinder Joharformer, CTO and Executive Vice President, Manhattan Associates

"Great book and especially relevant in these times when reducing expenses is vital given the current economic times. The book clearly explains how implementing the correct supply chain processes can help you to achieve your cost-reduction goals; and if you are someone whose job depends on achieving these goals, this is for you."
Henry Blum, Manager, Logistics Applications, Inc.

Find out how your supply chain processes fit into your company's big picture—using best-in-class processes

Clearly written and foundational in approach, this book builds on fundamental concepts including:

  • Why the heart of your supply chain is the flow of merchandise
  • The wide scope of supply chain functions in your enterprise

  • Clearly explained industry terms that demystify the jargon

  • The financial implications of supply chain management

  • The ins and outs of demand and supply planning, transportation, and warehouse management, reverse logistics management, and collaboration

Enterprise Supply Chain Management is filled with an abundance of examples that simplify and cover a wide scope of supply chain functions.

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Table of Contents




CHAPTER 1 What Is a Supply Chain?


Physical Manifestation of a Supply Chain.

Elements of a Supply Chain Model.


CHAPTER 2 Scope of the Supply Chain.

Core Supply Chain Functions.

Extended Supply Chain Functions.

Supply Chain: Planning versus Execution.

Overview of the Supply Chain Landscape.



CHAPTER 3 Supply Chain Network Design.

Inputs and Outputs of the Supply Chain Network Design Process.

Related Subprocesses.


CHAPTER 4 Demand Planning.

Demand Forecasting.

Allocation Planning.


CHAPTER 5 Supply Planning.

Inventory Planning.

Replenishment Planning.

Production Planning.

Logistics Capacity Planning.



CHAPTER 6 Supply Management.

Strategic Sourcing.

Replenishment Execution.

Production Scheduling.

Supplier Performance Management.

Global Trade Management.


CHAPTER 7 Transportation Management.

Transportation Planning and Execution.

Freight Audit and Verification.

Fleet Management.


CHAPTER 8 Warehouse Management.

Inbound Warehouse Operations.

Outbound Warehouse Operations.

Warehouse Inventory Management.

Yard Management.

Warehouse Labor Management.

Slotting Optimization.

Billing Management and Cost Allocation.


CHAPTER 9 Reverse Logistics Management.

Returns Disposition Determination.

Logistics Planning and Execution for Returns.



CHAPTER 10 Collaborative Processes.

Collaborative Planning Processes.

Collaborative Execution Processes.

Collaborative Performance Management.


APPENDIX A Supply Chain Technology.

ERP and Supply Chain Management.

Best-of-Breed versus ERP.

Software as a Service (SaaS) or License.

Considerations for Successful Supply Chain Technology Deployments.

Change Management.


RFID Adoption in the Industry.

APPENDIX C Understanding Cross-docking.

Planned Cross-docking or Flow-through.

Opportunistic Cross-docking.

Evaluating Readiness.

APPENDIX D Supply Chain and Finance: A Quick Primer.

Supply Chain Processes Reducing COGS.

Supply Chain Processes Increasing Asset Turnover.

APPENDIX E How Green Is Your Supply Chain?

Integrated Assortment Planning and Sourcing.

Sourcing and Supplier Selection: Manufacturing, Packaging, and Recycling.

Logistics and Distribution.

Total Landed Cost.

Depth of Supply Chain Models.

Carbon Cost Index.

APPENDIX F Commonly Used EDI Transaction Codes.

APPENDIX G Incoterms (International Commercial Terms).


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Author Information

VIVEK SEHGAL is Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Associates, the world's foremost supply chain solutions company, with over 1,200 customers, including seventeen of AMR's Top 50 supply chains, and forty-three of the top 100 retailers. Prior to working with Manhattan Associates, Vivek worked for Fortune 20 companies like The Home Depot and GE in various leadership roles in their supply chain technology groups. He is a current member of the Science Advisory Board at Manhattan Associates, working with the industry to define new optimization opportunities in supply chain solutions.
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