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Name Reactions for Homologation, 2 Part Set

Jie Jack Li (Editor), E. J. Corey (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-0-470-46721-3
1520 pages
May 2009
Name Reactions for Homologation, 2 Part Set (0470467215) cover image


This guide provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of name reactions on homologation. Each section includes a description of the reaction, the historical perspective, a mechanism for the reaction, variations and improvements on the reaction, synthetic utilities of the reaction, experimental details, and current references to the primary literature. The primary topics include organometallics (palladium, organozinc, organocopper, other organometallics), carbon-chain homologation, (rearrangement, concerted rearrangement, cationic rearrangement, anionic rearrangement, other rearrangements), radical chemistry, asymmetric C-C bond formation, and other types (such as Cannizzaro disproportionation, Eschenmoser coupling, Mannich, Mitsunobu, Passerini, and Ugi).
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"Jack Li and his illustrious team of chemists have done it again. It is hard to imagine how one could organize and categorize a topic so broad as "homologation" reactions. These are some of the bread and butter transforms of organic chemistry ? reactions that are fundamentally important to the practice of chemical synthesis. This two book series is masterfully organized and easy to use both as a reference work for the classroom and a springboard for practitioners to rapidly apply these reactions in the laboratory. The extensive coverage of these critical reactions, including a historical perspective, mechanism, synthetic utility, and actual experimental details will ensure that these books will be on the shelf of every serious organic chemist for years to come."

--Phil S. Baran, The Scripps Research Institute

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Individual Volumes

by Jie Jack Li (Editor), E. J. Corey (Foreword by)
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by Jie Jack Li (Editor), E. J. Corey (Foreword by)
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