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Team Advantage: The Complete Coaching Guide for Team Transformation: Coach's Facilitation Guide Set

ISBN: 978-0-470-47185-2
June 2010, Pfeiffer
Team Advantage: The Complete Coaching Guide for Team Transformation: Coach
Coaching Teams for Extraordinary Results provides the missing link to team development.  Training professionals and HR managers are frustrated with the lack of sustainability of most team training programs.  This program begins with a 2-day kick-off workshop where participants are asked to develop a targeted business outcome for the team.  Once the full team has buy in, they meet weekly for 16 weeks with a personal coach to ensure they are working together to achieve their high-performing results.   This product has been tested within large organizations in sales and marketing and was deemed "the secret weapon" to achieving top team performances.

This training package provides complete resources for the facilitator running the program as well as providing a leader's guide for the team lead and a participant's guide for the team members.   The program materials outlines the four phases to the game (Assessment, Kickoff Workshop, Coaching, Celebration) and the 7 phases of team development (Informing, Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Transforming, Affirming). The process is about teaching the necessary coaching skills to the leader and generating excitement as well as requiring accountability (and, ultimately, ownership) on the part of the team members.
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Darleen "DJ" Mitsch is a Master Certified Coach and former president of the International Coach's Federation (ICF). She is the founder of The Pyramid Resource Group, a corporate coaching company based in Cary, North Carolina.

Barry Mitsch is co-founder and vice president of The Pyramid Resource Group. He has been involved in training and development activities for more than 20 years. His background includes work in both technical and nontechnical training and he has designed and delivered classroom, self-instructional, and distance learning programs.

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June 23, 2010
Team Advantage: The Complete Coaching Guide for Team Transformation

San Francisco, CA – Training professionals and HR managers are often frustrated with the lack of sustainability of most team training programs. With many hit and run training programs showing no long term results, Team Advantage: The Complete Coaching Guide for Team Transformation (Pfeiffer; 978-0-470-47185-2; July 2010; $220.00) by D.J. Mitsch teaches leaders how to have fun while creating a high-performing team.

Team Advantage is a proven team coaching program designed to transform team and their leaders through a development process – one that goes beyond the typical two-day team building event. The program is presented as an organizational “game” oriented around a stretch goal that is meaningful to the organization’s success. It also includes partnership with a coach who conveys coaching skills to the team leader as they focus together on guiding the team to new awareness, new agreements, and extraordinary performance. The process includes four phases of team development that are implemented over the course of 16 weeks: pre-game preparation, kick-off workshop, weekly coaching sessions, review of accomplishments and transformation.

The key objective is to provide a complete framework for driving team performance, resulting in a transformational experience. Other key learning objectives include:

  • Conveying core and advanced coaching skills to the team leader
  • Providing a forum for real conversations, truth telling, and surfacing conflict as a natural part of team development and essential to the creative process
  • Having each team member take responsibility for the team win – “everybody wins, or no one wins”
  • Leaving the team with a replicable process for continuing to grow together as they accomplish their potential

Team Advantage is ideal for training and human resource professionals who create and run coaching and teamwork development programs; as well as consultants and coaches who want to drive extraordinary, sustainable teams.


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