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Missional Map-Making: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition

ISBN: 978-0-470-48672-6
224 pages
February 2010, Jossey-Bass
Missional Map-Making: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition (0470486724) cover image


Guidance for church leaders to develop their own maps and chart new paths toward stronger, more vibrant, and more missional congregations

In the burgeoning missional church movement, churches are seeking to become less focused on programs for members and more oriented toward outreach to people who are not already in church. This fundamental shift in what a congregation is and does and thinks is challenging for leaders and congregants. Using the metaphor of map-making, the book explains the perspective and skills needed to lead congregations and denominations in a time of radical change over unfamiliar terrain as churches change their focus from internal to external.

  • Offers a clear guide for leaders wanting to transition to a missional church model
  • Written by Alan Roxburgh, a prominent expert and practitioner in the missional movement
  • Guides leaders seeking to create new maps for leadership and church organization and focus
  • A Volume in the popular Leadership Network Series

This book is written to be accessible to all Christian congregational styles and denominations.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: An Uncertain Journey.

Part One When Maps No Longer Work.

Chapter One Maps Shaping Our Imaginations in Modernity.

Chapter Two Leading in an In-Between Time.

Chapter Three When Common Sense Is No Longer Common.

Chapter Four From Playing Pool to Herding Cats.

Chapter Five Why Strategic Planning Doesn't Work in This New Space and Doesn't Fit God's Purposes.

Chapter Six Eight Currents of Change and the Challenge of Making New Maps.

Chapter Seven Lessons from the Formation of the Internet for Leading in This New Space.

Part Two The Map-Making Process.

Chapter Eight Cultivating a Core Identity in a Changed Environment.

Chapter Nine Cultivating Parallel Cultures of the Kingdom.

Chapter Ten Map-Making Partnerships Between a Local Church and Neighborhoods and Communities.


The Author.


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Press Release

February 03, 2010
MISSIONAL MAP-MAKING: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition

We all have maps through which we navigate our lives. These maps reflect our understanding of how the world works and how we function within it. But what happens when the landscape changes?

Alan J. Roxburgh, missional leadership expert, writes, “Many of the maps we have internalized about what it means to be the church and how to shape churches in our culture no longer connect with or match the dramatically changing environment in which we are living. Because of this, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to become map-makers in the new world.”

His new book with Leadership Network, MISSIONAL MAP-MAKING: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition (Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint; February 2010; $24.95; Cloth; ISBN: 978-0-470-48672-6), helps leaders struggling with these tectonic shifts in the world and the church by providing them resources for charting new paths toward stronger, more vibrant, and more missional congregations.

An evangelical church plans a community event and yet only active church members attend. An emergent pastor wonders how her congregation, who identifies itself by a certain style of worship and age group, can evolve. Leaders in a presbytery must face the reality of no longer being able to afford full-time pastors. For any type of leader in any type of church, MISSIONAL MAP-MAKING gives them the tools to transform their local communities into relevant, witnessing, and missional bodies of change. Leaders will learn the step-by-step strategies that can equip them to become cartographers of the new terrain.

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