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Introduction to Networking with Network+

ISBN: 978-0-470-48732-7
552 pages
April 2012, ©2013
Introduction to Networking with Network+ (0470487321) cover image


Introduction to Networking with Network + is the cornerstone for your networking curriculum. It is built around the new Network+ 2012 framework. It is based upon the CompTIA Network+ certification and covers the most recent exam objectives.

Are you tired of books that cover new technologies and exam topics in a fleeting fashion, and are bogged down with legacy technology coverage that is now out-dated? This book by Timothy Pintello is up-to-date and covers only relevant and current technologies. This book also includes his revolutionary method for making Subnetting easily understood by new IT students.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Networks 1

2 The OSI and TCP/IP Models 25

3 Media 46

4 Network Addressing 81

5 Network Protocols 121

6 Networking Devices 165

7 LAN Technologies 219

8 WAN Technologies 252

9 Basic Network Security 285

10 Network Access Security 331

11 Network Management 373

12 Network Troubleshooting 415

Appendix A 477

Appendix B 488

Glossary 490

Index 505

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Written first as a textbook to teach students the foundations of networking, not as a test prep guide
  • The Pintello book attempts to show how all aspects of networking are interconnected
  • Covers all of the Network+ 2012 exam objectives
  • Entire chapters are dedicated to Virtualization and Small Office/Home Office, new the Network + 2012 Exam
  • Written in such a way that it can also be used to help students prepare for the Network+ exam
  • Presents a revolutionary new approach to subnetting that helps the student visualize how subnetting works and then offers subnetting labs that lead through the steps needed to subnet Class C networks.
  • This text explains what Port Address Translation (PAT) and Substitutionary Network Address Translation (SNAT) are, in addition to explaining how both of these work together to allow Network Address Translation (NAT) work.
  • Interweaves the different topics of the Network+ exam together in such a way that a student can see how they are all interconnected.


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