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Wireless All In One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-49013-6
504 pages
December 2009
Wireless All In One For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0470490136) cover image
Link up, connect, or create a network-with no wires attached!

With such an amazing abundance of electronic devices available in our daily lives, wouldn't it be nice to eliminate getting wrangled by all those wires? With this guide by your side, a team of technical authors walks you through creating a network in your home or office-without the expense and hassle of stringing cable or paying a network administrator.

Eight self-contained minibooks answer your questions about wireless devices and wireless networks and address everything from hardware security to wireless hobbies and GPS. Clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to link your TV, computers, PDAs, laptops, TiVo, and sound systems to your wireless network.

  • Discover how to configure networks and create a completely wireless environment
  • Incorporate various hardware into your wireless network, such as notebook computers, handheld devices, sound systems, and printers
  • Tackle common security issues and best troubleshooting practices
  • Learn all the basics of wireless computing and how to make it work for you

With this book, it's easier than ever to to create an office or home network on a Windows platform. Don't be a bird on a wire-become a part of a wireless world!

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Book I: Pulling the Plugs.

Chapter 1: Living Without Wires.

Chapter 2: Choosing Internet Access.

Book II: Planning Your Network.

Chapter 1: Getting Started.

Chapter 2: Choosing Hardware.

Chapter 3: Setting Up Routers.

Chapter 4: Deciphering DHCP.

Chapter 5: Installing Your Wireless Adapter.

Chapter 6: Getting Your PC On the Net.

Chapter 7: Setting Up Other Hardware.

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting Network Hardware.

Book III: Configuring Networks.

Chapter 1: Exploring Windows Networking.

Chapter 2: Managing Available Networks.

Chapter 3: Creating Bridges.

Chapter 4: Confi guring Printers.

Chapter 5: Confi rming Your Network Works.

Book IV: Security and Troubleshooting.

Chapter 1: Looking at Internet Threats.

Chapter 2: Using a Safety Net.

Chapter 3: Protecting Your Computer.

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Network Problems.

Book V: On the Road Again — But Without Wires.

Chapter 1: Putting a Network in Your Lap(top).

Chapter 2: Connecting Wireless Devices to Networks.

Chapter 3: Synchronizing Devices over a Network.

Chapter 4: Picking a BlackBerry.

Chapter 5: Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Chapter 6: Setting Up a VPN Connection.

Chapter 7: Taking Home with You.

Book VI: Other Networking Technologies.

Chapter 1: Choosing and Using Cordless Phones.

Chapter 2: Picking Peripherals.

Book VII: Wireless Home Technology.

Chapter 1: Entertaining Yourself Wirelessly.

Chapter 2: Streaming Digital Music in Your Home.

Chapter 3: Networking Your Television: From PC to HDTV.

Chapter 4: Listening to Music and Audio from the Web.

Chapter 5: Exploring Digital TV and Satellite Radio.

Chapter 6: Exploring the Kindle.

Book VIII: The Global Positioning System.

Chapter 1: Getting Uncle Sam to Ante Up.

Chapter 2: Finding Your Way in the World.

Chapter 3: Exploring with the Rest of GPS.



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Sean Walberg manages the national network of a financial services company.

Loyd Case is Editor for the ExtremeTech technology Web site.

Joel Durham Jr. is a freelance writer and former tech editor of PC Gamer magazine.

Derek Torres is a technical communicator, author, and Microsoft registered partner.

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