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Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action

ISBN: 978-0-470-49451-6
208 pages
September 2009, Jossey-Bass
Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action (0470494514) cover image


The six core strategies to elevate any business-and how to implement them-made simple

What do the world's most successful companies and organization have in common? And what can you actually take away and use from their examples? Distilling the best fundamental business strategies, trusted advisor and strategist John Spence helps you take a hard look at your business and together develop specific plans and action steps that will allow you to dramatically improve the success of your company.

Delivered in Spence's approachable and straightforward manner, Awesomely Simple reveals the six key strategies that create a foundation for achieving business excellence: Vivid Vision, Best People, A Performance-Oriented Culture, Robust Communication, A Sense of Urgency, and Extreme Customer Focus.

  • Filled with case studies and clear action items, includes easy-to-follow guidelines for implementing the strategies in any organization no matter its mission or size
  • After concisely breaking down each strategy, Spence gives specific examples, tips, tools, discussion questions and exercises for how to execute them successfully

A perfect resource for business leaders, Awesomely Simple will help you turn ideas into positive action and achieve lasting business success.

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Table of Contents


1 Vivid Vision.

2 Best People.

3 Robust Communication.

4 Sense of Urgency.

5 Disciplined Execution.

6 Extreme Customer Focus.

Conclusion: What Do You Do Now?


About the Author.


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Author Information

John Spence is a highly sought after executive educator, business consultant, and professional speaker, having presented workshops, speeches, consulting, and executive coaching to more than 300 organizations worldwide. Spence has been a guest lecturer at over 90 colleges and universities across the United States. He has run five successful companies and currently owns two.

For more information, please visit www.awesomelysimple.com

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Named one of the Top 10 Small Business Books
Small Business Trends

"[Awesomely Simple] reminds us that a thriving successful business is about doing the basics right and not just doing what feels good. If you’re a small business owner, no matter what the size of your business, this is your bible. You will save yourself heartache, time, frustration, anguish and a multitude of other small business frustrations by simply taking this book and making it your roadmap."
Smart Business Trends, December 13, 2009

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Press Release

August 24, 2009
Can Business Success Really Be Awesomely Simple?

Today's business leaders face a fast-moving and brutally competitive environment – a world where global competition and technology have ushered in a new era of complexity and speed. But one business consultant, with an enviable client list (Microsoft, IBM, and GE among them) and a reputation for cutting through complicated business processes to find simple solutions.  John Spence says most of the problems he sees are crucial, but not complex ones.  Author John Spence wants his new book to make those crucial problems, easy ones that are quickly solved. 

AWESOMELY SIMPLE: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action (Jossey-Bass; hardcover; September 8, 2009) examines the issues that Spence hears time and again when he is out on the road 220 days a year, working with companies to figure out how to solve their biggest problems. It offers a strategy to address six key business functions that currently eat up way too much time.  

The six strategies – Vivid Vision, Best People, Robust Communication, Sense of Urgency, Disciplined Execution and Extreme Customer Focus – are what Spence says are at the core of every successful company or organization.  “The book,” writes Spence, “attempts to make managing these six key functions awesomely simple – so simple, that instead of spending 80 percent of your time trying to put out completely avoidable fires, and just 20 percent of your time trying to grow, innovate and differentiate your business – you are able to do the reverse.” 

AWESOMELY SIMPLE provides the roadmap for applying these simple strategies and building lasting business success.   “Almost every business person I meet and consult with admits that they don’t focus keenly enough on the six key areas.  I’d like this book to make them so easy, that they don’t HAVE to focus more time and energy there but can move their business to the next level. 


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