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The Official Success Guide: Insider Tips and Strategies for Sourcing Products from the World's Largest B2B Marketplace

ISBN: 978-0-470-49645-9
288 pages
November 2009
The Official Success Guide: Insider Tips and Strategies for Sourcing Products from the World
The official guide to making a bundle buying and selling through, the world's largest online B2B marketplace is the world's leading global business-to-business online marketplace. People around the world use it every day to import and export products for big profits. But newcomers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of products and the quantity of information available.

The Official Success Guide shows you how to ramp up your business or build an entirely new business, using the brand and web site as your supplier. This practical guide provides simple answers for complex questions, from navigating the site, to finding products at the right price, to branding, and much more. Plus, the book includes best practices for importing, locating and vetting suppliers, and protecting yourself against online fraud.

    • An answer-packed guide  for all your questions about doing business through

    • Officially licensed and supported by, this is the only guide you need

• Includes inspirational profiles of people who have used successfully to launch new businesses or revive old ones

    • The first and only step-by-step guide to using effectively gives you the opportunity to make real money online. Here, you'll find a wealth of inside information that will help you use safely and profitably.

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Foreword Jack Ma, Founder of


About the Authors.


Part I The Opportunity.

Chapter 1 Opens the Door to Global Trade.

First a Little History.’s Corporate Goals and Values.’s Six Core Values. Today. Corporate Structure.’s Programs, Tools, and Events.’s 2008 e-Business Champion of the Year: Gene Rumley.

Chapter 2 International Sourcing: This Isn’t Kansas Anymore.

International Sourcing: Your Challenge and Promise.

Your First Sourcing Decision.

Let’s Put First Things First.

Get a Tax ID Number and Register Your Business.

Develop Your Product Idea.

Build Your Prototype.

Create and Test-drive Your Business Plan.

Create a Business Calendar.

Product Sourcing Basics.

Calculate Your Budget.

Safety Checks for Sourcing Products.

Sourcing Internationally: New Challenges and Rewards.

Leaving Kansas: Opens a World of Opportunity.

Importing Your Products.

Chapter 2 Checklist.

Chapter 3 Keys to Successful Importing.

Your Education Begins.

Your Partner’s Responsibilities and Your Own.

Terms You Need to Know.

Standards, Certifications, and Regulations.

Partners Who Can Help You.

Who Are the Major Players?

Can You Keep It Simple?

Chapter 3 Checklist.

Part II Putting to Work for You.

Chapter 4 The Web site.

Let’s Start at the Home Page.

Trade with the World.

Keep Scrolling.

Inspirational Success Stories. Partners.

Don’t Underestimate the Bottom of the Page.

Let’s Get You Registered.

Download TradeManager.

A Tour of’s Links.




My Alibaba.

Help.’s Search Engine.

Chapter 4 Checklist.

Chapter 5 Finding Business Partners.

You Are the Boss, So It’s All Up to You.

Education through Experience.

Establish Realistic Expectations for Your Suppliers.

Set Criteria for Your Products Themselves.

Build In Your Own Safety Checks.

Fraud: Forewarned Is Forearmed.

Qualify and Identify.

Qualify and Legitimize.

Let’s Find Some Manufacturers.

Searching for Partners.

Posting a Buying Lead.

Those First Few E-mails.

Vetting Prospective Partners.

Do You Like Their Attitudes?

Quantify Them to Qualify Them.

Communication, Communication, Communication!.

Should You Travel to China or Anywhere Else?

Chapter 5 Checklist.

Chapter 6 Working with Your Suppliers.

A Two-sided Partnership. Can Help You Learn.

Getting Your Products Right.

Get Graphic.

Ask for Samples.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong.

Chapter 6 Checklist.

Chapter 7 Closing the Deal.

Getting the Details Right.

Your Pro Forma Invoice.

Payment Schedules and Options.

Spread Out Your Payments.

Wire Transfers.

Escrow Services.

Letters of Credit.

Shipping Details.

Forge Good Relationships.

Bill of Lading: The Final Document.

Chapter 7 Checklist.

Chapter 8 Safe Trading.

Educate Yourself.’s Safety & Security Center.

Safe Trading Forums.

Other Web-based Resources You Can Use.

Keeping Your Computer Safe.

Security Help Available through

Create Your Own Sign-in Seal.

E-mail Fraud.

Trojans and Viruses.

Protecting Your Computer.

Chapter 8 Checklist.

Chapter 9 Keeping the Pipeline Full.

Your Customers Will Change Your Business.

Your Partnerships Will Change Your Business.

When You Are Ready to Travel, Get In Touch.

Your Expertise Will Change Your Business.

What Will You Do with Your Expertise?

Turn Those Tables and Sell to the World.’s Selling Links and My Alibaba Selling Tools.

Now Is the Time to Consider a Paid Account.

Your Uncle Sam Stands Ready to Help.

Chapter 9 Checklist.

Part III Success Stories.

Gene Rumley—Bell Performance, Inc..

Valarie Moody—

Allison Taylor—Jack Webster, Inc..

Mary Miller Pembleton and Gregg Pembleton—Thumball by Answers In Motion, LLC.

Joshua Crumbaugh—Platinum Mortgage, Inc..

Valerie Johnson—Big Feet Pajama Company.


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Debra Schepp and Brad Schepp are widely respected e-commerce experts who have also written money-making books for users of Amazon and eBay. They conduct seminars on eBay selling and have been featured in such media outlets as Life, Good Housekeeping, and Entrepreneur magazines.
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November 02, 2009
A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Joining the International Marketplace

Napkins, dental equipment, bamboo products, translation services, and much more…Just a sampling of the thousands of products small business owners may need to get their company off the ground. A new entrepreneur may need to find napkin suppliers for his restaurant, an inventor needs a manufacturer to make her unique idea come to life, maybe a dental equipment company is looking for exporters, or a publisher is in need of translation services.  No matter what business you’re in or want to be in, it is vital to find a marketplace that allows small businesses to interact with a community of like-minded people that want to buy, sell and create products in order to realize a dream and boost the bottom line. 

In The Official Success Guide: Insider Tips and Strategies for Sourcing Products from the World’s Largest B2B Marketplace (Wiley; November 2009; $24.95), authors Brad and Debra Schepp level the playing field for small business as they show the incredible sourcing opportunities offered by the world’s leading B2B ecommerce marketplace. With flexibility, convenience and lowered costs available for any business, turns ideas into products and products into sales. 

Founded in 1999, makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to find exactly what they need to make their business a success. “Once viewed as the province of only the biggest and most experienced corporations, looking across the globe for your next great product idea is now possible, no matter how small your business may be or how inexperienced you may feel as you embark on this journey.” 

This accessible book simply takes readers through:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to offer and discover international sourcing opportunities
  • How to chart the course in finding the right trading business partners and doing it safely
  • The crucial components to successful importing
  • The key aspects of working with suppliers to develop long-term relationships
  • The best way to make’s 5 million+ storefronts, offering manufactured products in 42 different categories, work for any business
  • Tactics to closing a deal and completing an overseas transaction
  • How other successful entrepreneurs used global sourcing to build their business 

With the internet presenting so much possibility for businesses today, it is vital to have a comprehensive resource to guide you through the door of international opportunity.

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