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Talk Less, Say More: Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

ISBN: 978-0-470-50086-6
176 pages
September 2009
Talk Less, Say More: Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen (0470500867) cover image


Talk Less, Say More is a revolutionary guide to 21st century communication skills to help you be more influential and make things happen in our distracted, attention-deficit world. It's loaded with specific tips and takeaways to ensure that you're fully heard, clearly understood, and trigger positive responses in any business or social situation.

It's the first book to deliver a proven method to master the core leadership skill of influence. Talk Less, Say More lays out a powerful 3-step method called Connect, Convey, Convince (R) and guides you in how to use these habits to be more influential. This succinct book solves your modern communication issues in today's demanding, distracted world at a time when interaction skills are plummeting.

Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today. It takes just 3 habits to conquer it. Talk Less, Say More will help you achieve more with less. Less wordiness. Less tune-out. Less frustration. You'll gain more time. More positive outcomes. More rewarding relationships.

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Table of Contents

Introduction Connect-Convey-Convince®.

1 CONNECT Managing Attention.

10 Signs You May Be a Weak Connector.

CHAPTER ONE Why Connect?

CHAPTER TWO Stay in Their Moment.


CHAPTER FOUR Goldilocks Candor.

Connect Review and Action Plan.

2 CONVEY Managing Information.

10 Signs You May Be a Weak Conveyor.


CHAPTER SIX The Eyes Trump the Ears.

CHAPTER SEVEN Talk in Triplets.


Convey Review and Action Plan.

3 CONVINCE Managing Action.

10 Signs You May Be a Weak Convincer.

CHAPTER NINE Why Convince?

CHAPTER TEN Sound Decisive.

CHAPTER ELEVEN Transfer Ownership.

CHAPTER TWELVE Adjust Your Energy.

Convince Review and Action Plan.

Putting It All Together.

About the Author.



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Author Information

Connie Dieken is the country's foremost Fortune 500 leadership communication coach, an Emmy® Award–winning former television news anchor, and an inductee of the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame. She is the founder and President of onPoint Communication, where she has guided thousands of leaders from organizations like Apple, Olympus, and McDonald's to be more influential and achieve positive results.
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"Talk Less, Say More has become an integral part of our sales training program. In today's manufacturing environment, our sales engineers must be able to quickly gain mind share of our customers, deliver the appropriate messages, and win new business. Talk Less, Say More provides the communication tools critical for success."
—Dana Fritz, Manager, Global Sales Training Rockwell Automation

"Talk Less, Say More is the answer to become an effective communicator. Connie's principles can be employed immediately to improve both your personal and business interactions."
Terry Bauer, Corporate Director of Sales Execution Reinhart FoodService

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