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Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business

ISBN: 978-0-470-50556-4
240 pages
November 2009
Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business (0470505567) cover image


In today's economy, maximizing the performance of every employee is critical to business survival and growth. Gen Y—sometimes called Millennials—provides an enticing opportunity for employers to increase their short-term profitability and create a long-term competitive advantage. Almost 80 million strong, Gen Y is the fastest growing segment in the US workforce—and now comprises the entire 18 to 32 demographic. Along with their ever-present cell phone and occasional backpack, Gen Y brings tremendous potential and timely skills to the workplace (just ask, they’ll tell you). However, Gen Y can be notoriously difficult to attract, retain, motivate, and develop. Gen Y's new approach to work makes them a growing challenge or strategic opportunity—depending entirely on how you choose to employ them.

In Y-Size Your Business, Jason Ryan Dorsey, The Gen Y Guy, presents a step-by-step methodology for best employing Gen Y without investing a lot of time or money. A member of Gen Y himself he delivers an insider's view of his generation as well as more than fifty cost-effective, ready-to-use strategies that deliver immediate measurable results. Dorsey collected these creative strategies from the frontlines of business during his work with executives, managers, and entrepreneurs in businesses large and small around the world.  He shows you exactly how to attract the best Gen Y employees, quickly develop their workplace skills, and then unlock their performance, motivation, and loyalty.

  • Reveals creative ways to attract, retain, motivate, and develop Gen Y employees without paying them more money (or meeting their Mom)
  • Includes a behind-the-scenes view of Gen Y from someone in Gen Y (including why they text message without vowels)
  • Explains the primary workplace differences between the four generations and how to leverage their strengths
  • Features funny, outrageous, and candid stories that expose the generation gap in the office (Is that a tattoo?)
  • Helps you view the Gen Y employee life cycle and key business operations in a new way—one you can use to your business and career advantage

Companies that wisely choose to embrace Gen Y today will be well positioned to navigate the global economy tomorrow. Not only will these companies benefit from the talents and ambitions of Gen Y—they’ll also benefit from Gen Y's increasing economic influence as well as their massive social networks. Based on Dorsey's work with business leaders at companies around the world, as a keynote speaker, consultant, and generational expert, Y-Size Your Business presents precisely the solutions you need to make the most of an increasingly important generation that is ready to make an impact from their first day at work (and then blog about it!).

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Hiring Gen Y Makes Dollars and Sense 1

Chapter 2 Behind the Scenes (and Screen Names) with Gen Y 13

Chapter 3 Four Generations, One Workplace, Lots of Issues 29

Chapter 4 An Overview on How to Y-Size Your Business 43

Chapter 5 What Gen Y Really Looks for in a Job 55

Chapter 6 Attract Quality Gen Y Employees Faster than Free Pizza at 2 am 65

Chapter 7 Day One Is All-Important 81

Chapter 8 Orientation: Confi rming Our Fit within Your Culture 91

Chapter 9 Keep Gen Y Engaged @ Work 105

Chapter 10 Develop Gen Y Talent by Making “Good Enough” Unacceptable 121

Chapter 11 Professionalism Is More than Bling 139

Chapter 12 Motivate Gen Y by NOT Giving Us a Trophy 155

Chapter 13 Retain Gen Y—and Our Enthusiasm 171

Chapter 14 Lead Me to Loyalty 189

Chapter 15 Build a Talent Pipeline Like American Idol 207

A Call to Action: Why Reach Out to Gen Y—Your Legacy and Opportunity 217

Acknowledgments 221

About the Author 223

Index 225

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Author Information

Jason Ryan Dorsey is an award-winning entrepreneur and an acclaimed keynote speaker often referred to as "The Gen Y Guy"®. He has been featured as a Generation Y expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, the Today show, and The View, as well as in Fortune magazine.
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Press Release

November 02, 2009
Generation Y Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business

In a tough economy, maximizing employee performance and innovation can make all the difference in a company's survival, and doing so while cutting costs offers a significant bottom line advantage. The solution to both is a new generation of career starters and young professionals: Gen Y employees. But while this generation might be inexpensive to hire compared to more experienced workers, and bring many timely skills (along with their 5,000 friends on Facebook), they can also be notoriously difficult to manage and motivate. The reason is Gen Y’s employment priorities and preferences are different from that of older employers. Gen Y’s unique employment mindset presents a growing challenge for businesses that choose not to adapt or an opportunity for a valuable competitive advantage at businesses that choose to embrace this emerging workforce. 

In Y-SIZE YOUR BUSINESS (Wiley, November 2009, $24.95), Jason Ryan Dorsey solves the Gen Y employment riddle with his frontline-tested Y-Size process. A member of Gen Y himself, Dorsey delivers the first complete methodology for best employing Gen Y. This methodology is built around proven best practices collected during his work teaching business leaders in diverse industries how to unlock Gen Y’s employment potential while bridging all four generations in the workplace. 

Dorsey defines Generation Y as those individuals born between 1977 and 1995, whose formative influences included Baby Boomer parents, the Gulf War, ever-present cell phones, the Internet boom, and September 11. Along with coming of age around more affluence than previous generations, Gen Y was told to “find a job that makes you happy,” hold steadfast to big career expectations, and seek an employer where you can make an impact from day one. While some of Gen Y’s views about work present an often talked about challenge, such as Gen Y’s new definition of “business casual,” Dorsey shows how every Gen Y workplace characteristic can be an asset when managed correctly. And as a member of Gen Y himself, who admits to texting his mom every day, Dorsey offers a fresh perspective in the crowded market of generational management books—and he does so without making excuses for his generation. 

Dorsey also clears up many misconceptions about Gen Y, including his discovery that Gen Y is not tech savvy, but tech dependent. He then reveals that Gen Y is not simply “instant everything” but instead entirely outcome driven. He goes on to explain that Gen Y decides on their first day at work whether or not they can stay with an employer long term. These three insights alone can reshape how a manager or business engages Gen Y along with underscoring the inexpensive actions businesses can take to create measurable gains in Gen Y employee performance.

In an unexpected twist, Dorsey advocates that catering to Gen Y employees is not the answer to better performance (although their mom may disagree). In fact, Dorsey believes coddling Gen Y is precisely the wrong approach. “Businesses that coddle Gen Y end up attracting the wrong kind of Gen Y employees, the kind who quit without notice and then ask for a job reference,” he explains. 

The step-by-step process Dorsey outlines in Y-SIZE YOUR BUSINESS delivers the missing link employers seek to lower costs while growing their business. By implementing Dorsey’s cost-effective, ready-to-use strategies, which can deliver results in as little as two weeks, businesses of all sizes and industries can effectively leverage the best talent Gen Y employees have to offer while simultaneously gaining a bottom line advantage. Dorsey shows you how to achieve these results while at the same time respecting and incorporating the strengths of the other generations in the same workplace. 

Dorsey’s work around the world has proven to him—and many well-known business leaders—that Gen Y wants to make a difference at their employer from Day One. Let them. In Y-SIZE YOUR BUSINESS Dorsey shows you how to best employ Gen Y so they and your company come out ahead.

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