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Financial Valuation Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master Financial Valuation, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-50688-2
576 pages
April 2011
Financial Valuation Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master Financial Valuation, 3rd Edition (0470506881) cover image


The resource that cuts the learning curve in half for valuation professionals

Now valuation professionals can master almost every function for most valuation situations. The Financial Valuation Workbook, Third Edition guides readers through a complete business valuation with essential tools for quick reference.

  • Updated and expanded chapter on The Process of Preparing a Valuation- Client Workflow Procedures from initial phone call to delivery of the report
  • Expanded case study and exercises with solutions and explanations
  • Over 300 exercises organized by major areas to increase the learning process

This Workbook is organized by standard, easily identifiable sections that allow for easy reference by all professionals.

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Table of Contents

About the Authors.




Valuation Case Study Exercises.

Addendum: Discount Case Study Exercises.


Valuation Case Study Exercises: Solutions and Explanations.

Addendum: Discount Case Study Exercises.


Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, Companion Exercises and Test Questions.

Answer Grid.




Income Approach Valuation Process Flowchart.


Marketing, Managing, and Making Money in Valuation Services.


Practice Management Workflow Procedures.



8.1 Business Valuation or Real Estate Appraisal?

8.2 Key Information Requirements.

8.3 Valuation Information Request (VIR) General

8.4 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Bank/Holding Company.

8.5 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Eminent Domain.

8.6 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Gas and Oil Rights.

8.7 Valuation Information Request (VIR) High-Tech Business

8.8 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Professional Practice.

8.9 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Medical Practice.

8.10 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Construction Industry

8.11 Management Interview—Operations.

8.12 Management Interview—Financial Review.

8.13 Management Interview—Insurance Agency.

8.14 Management Interview—Professional Practice.

8.15 Management Interview—Medical Practice.

8.16 Management Interview—Construction Industry.

8.17 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Copyrights.

8.18 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Customer Relationships.

8.19 Valuation Information Request (VIR) In-Process Research and Development.

8.20 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Know-How

8.21 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Patents.

8.22 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Software.

8.23 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Proprietary Process/Products Technology.

8.24 Valuation Information Request (VIR) Trademark/Trade Name.

8.25 Procedures for the Valuation of Intangible Assets.

8.26 Royalty Factors.

8.27 Management Interview—Patent Valuation.

8.28 Revenue Ruling 59-60.

8.29 Revenue Ruling 77-287: Valuation Checklist.

8.30 Revenue Ruling 93-12: Valuation Checklist.

8.31 Work Program.

8.32 SSVS No. 1 Compliance Checklist—Valuation Engagement.

8.33 SSVS No. 1 Compliance Checklist—Detailed Report (Valuation Engagement).

8.34 Review Checklist—Eminent Domain.

8.35 Non-Appraiser’s Guide to Reviewing Business Valuation Reports.

8.36 Auditor Review of Valuation for Financial Reporting.

8.37 Fair Value Measurement Checklist.

8.38 Fair Value Measurement Conclusions.


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Author Information

JAMES R. HITCHNER, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, is Managing Director of Financial Valuation Advisors, President of The Financial Consulting Group and CEO of Valuation Products & Services. He has over thirty-one years of valuation experience and is Editor in Chief of Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal. Mr. Hitchner is editor/coauthor of the books Financial Valuation Applications and Models, Third Edition, and Valuation for Financial Reporting: Fair Value, Business Combinations, Intangible Assets, Goodwill, and Impairment Analysis, Third Edition, both published by Wiley, and PPC's Guide to Business Valuations, published by Thomson Reuters. He has been recognized as a qualified expert witness and has provided testimony on valuations in numerous state and federal courts.

MICHAEL J. MARD, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, is managing director of The Financial Valuation Group of Florida, Inc., in Tampa, Florida. Mike has over twenty-five years of professional business valuation experience and has testified as an expert witness 125 times. He is lead or coauthor of eleven books, all published by Wiley, and numerous articles and courses. He speaks widely and is a contributor to the national bimonthly journal Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert.

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