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Pediatric Headaches in Clinical Practice

ISBN: 978-0-470-51273-9
234 pages
April 2009
Pediatric Headaches in Clinical Practice (0470512733) cover image


This book is a foundation for further study into childhood headache and serve as a quick, up-to-date reference for the recognition, diagnosis, basic understanding, evaluation and management of headache disorders in children and adolescents.
  • Covers primary headache disorders including migraine
  • Covers secondary headaches, including sinus, and post traumatic headache
  • Provides thoughtful guidelines on behavioural management strategies as well as pharmacologic therapies
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History of Childhood Headaches.

Epidemiology, Classification and Pathophysiology of pediatric headaches.

Chapter 2: Evaluation and Classification.

Chapter 3: Diagnostic Testing and Concerning Variants.

Chapter 4: Epidemiology of Pediatric Headaches.

Chapter 5: Impact of Childhood Headaches.

Chapter 6: Emergent evaluation and management.

Chapter 7: Pathophysiology.

Primary Headache Disorders.

Chapter 8: Migraine: Diagnosis and Treatment.

Chapter 9: Migraine Variants and the Periodic Syndromes.

Chapter10: Tension-type headache: Diagnosis and Treatment.

Chapter 11: Chronic Daily Headaches in Children.

Chapter 12: Other Primary Headache Disorders.

Chapter 13: Biobehavioral Management of Childhood Headaches.

Secondary Headache Disorders.

Chapter 14: Sinus Headache and Nasal Disease.

Chapter 15: Post-traumatic Headaches.

Chapter 16: Headaches associated with altered intracranial pressure.

Chapter 17: Other Secondary Headaches.


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"The physical design and format are reader-friendly, and the book is the size of a short hardcover novel, making it portable and easy to read on bus or train, rather than requiring that it be read at a desk to avoid the risk of injury, as is the case with so many medical tomes." (The Journal of the American Medical Association, December 2009)
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