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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services: Problem, Design, Solution

ISBN: 978-0-470-52576-0
480 pages
November 2009
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services: Problem, Design, Solution (0470525762) cover image


An authoritative guide to designing effective solutions for data cleansing, ETL, and file management with SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the leading tool in the data warehouse industry, used for performing extraction, transformation, and load operations.

After an overview of SSIS architecture, the authors walk you a series of real-world problems and show various techniques for handling them.

  • Shows you how to design SSIS solutions for data cleansing, ETL and file management
  • Demonstrates how to integrate data from a variety of data sources,
  • Shows how to monitor SSIS performance,
  • Demonstrates how to avoid common pitfalls involved with SSIS deployment
  • Explains how to ensure performance of the deployed solution and effectively handle unexpected system failures and outages
  • The companion Web site provides sample code and database scripts that readers can directly implement

This book shows you how to design, build, deploy, and manage solutions to real-world problems that SSIS administrators and developers face day-to-day.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: SSIS Solution Architecture.

Chapter 2: SSIS Management Framework Design.

Chapter 3: Package Deployment and Storage Decisions.

Chapter 4: File-Handling and Processing Methods.

Chapter 5: Data Extraction Best Practices.

Chapter 6: Data-Cleansing Design.

Chapter 7: Dimension Table ETL.

Chapter 8: Fact Table ETL.

Chapter 9: SSAS Processing Architecture.

Chapter 10: Implementing Scale-Out ETL Process.

Chapter 11: Scripting Design Patterns.

Chapter 12: SSIS Package Scaling.


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Author Information

Erik Veerman is a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server and a mentor for Solid Quality Mentors. He is a coauthor of Professional SQL Server 2008/2005 Integration Services with Brian Knight.

Jessica M. Moss is a Microsoft MVP in SQL Server and a BI mentor, consultant, and trainer with Solid Quality Mentors.

Brian Knight is a Microsoft MVP For SQL Server and the cofounder of SQLServerCentral.com and JumpstartTV.com.

Jay Hackney is a mentor and consultant for Solid Quality Mentors, who works with SSIS to provide data warehousing and ETL solutions.

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Download TitleSizeDownload
Chapter 1: SSIS Architecture Diagrams 297.13 KB Click to Download
Chapter 2: Framework Code 27.87 KB Click to Download
Chapter 3: Deployment Workflows 950.26 KB Click to Download
Chapter 4: File Handling Code 617.52 KB Click to Download
Chapter 5: Extraction Code 2.10 MB Click to Download
Chapter 6: Data Cleansing Code 115.12 KB Click to Download
Chapter 7: Dimension ETL Code 358.59 KB Click to Download
Chapter 8: Fact ETL Code 741.97 KB Click to Download
Chapter 9: SSAS Code 46.55 KB Click to Download
Chapter 10: Scale Out Code 206.72 KB Click to Download
Chapter 11: Scripting Code 396.88 KB Click to Download
Chapter 12: Scaling SSIS 11.65 MB Click to Download
SSIS PDS Database Backup 1.13 MB Click to Download
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