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Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity

ISBN: 978-0-470-52939-3
504 pages
October 2009
Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity (0470529393) cover image
Adeptly address today’s business challenges with this powerful new book from web analytics thought leader Avinash Kaushik. Web Analytics 2.0 presents a new framework that will permanently change how you think about analytics. It provides specific recommendations for creating an actionable strategy, applying analytical techniques correctly, solving challenges such as measuring social media and multichannel campaigns, achieving optimal success by leveraging experimentation, and employing tactics for truly listening to your customers. The book will help your organization become more data driven while you become a super analysis ninja!

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Chapter 1 The Bold New World of Web Analytics 2.0.

State of the Analytics Union.

State of the Industry.

Rethinking Web Analytics: Meet Web Analytics 2.0.

Change: Yes We Can!

Chapter 2 The Optimal Strategy for Choosing Your Web Analytics Soul Mate.

Predetermining Your Future Success.

Step 1: Three Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Seek an Analytics Soul Mate!

Q1: "Do I want reporting or analysis?"

Q2: "Do I have IT strength, business strength, or both?"

Q3: "Am I solving just for Clickstream or for Web Analytics 2.0?"

Step 2: Ten Questions to Ask Vendors Before You Marry Them.

Q1: "What is the difference between your tool/solution and free tools from Yahoo! and Google?"

Q2: "Are you 100 percent ASP, or do you offer a software version? Are you planning a software version?"

Q3: "What data capture mechanisms do you use?"

Q4: "Can you calculate the total cost of ownership for your tool?"

Q5: "What kind of support do you offer? What do you include for free, and what costs more? Is it free 24/7?"

Q6: "What features in your tool allow me to segment the data?"

Q7: "What options do I have for exporting data from your system into our company's system?"

Q8: "What features do you provide for me to integrate data from other sources into your tool?"

Q9: "Can you name two new features/tools/acquisitions your company is cooking up to stay ahead of your competition for the next three years?"

Q10: "Why did the last two clients you lost cancel their contracts? Who are they using now? May we call one of these former clients?"

Comparing Web Analytics Vendors: Diversify and Conquer.

The Three-Bucket Strategy.

Step 3: Identifying Your Web Analytics Soul Mate (How to Run an Effective Tool Pilot) .

Step 4: Negotiating the Prenuptials: Check SLAs for Your Web Analytics Vendor Contract.

Chapter 3 The Awesome World of Clickstream Analysis: Metrics.

Standard Metrics Revisited: Eight Critical Web Metrics.

Bounce Rate.

Exit Rate.

Conversion Rate.


Web Metrics Demystified.

Strategically-aligned Tactics for Impactful Web Metrics.

Chapter 4 The Awesome World of Clickstream Analysis: Practical Solutions.

A Web Analytics Primer.

The Best Web Analytics Report.

Foundational Analytical Strategies.

Everyday Clickstream Analyses Made Actionable.

Reality Check: Perspectives on Key Web Analytics Challenges.

Chapter 5 The Key to Glory: Measuring Success.

Focus on the "Critical Few".

Five Examples of Actionable Outcome KPIs.

Moving Beyond Conversion Rates.

Measuring Macro and Micro Conversions.

Quantifying Economic Value .

Measuring Success for a Non-ecommerce Website.

Measuring B2B Websites.

Chapter 6 Solving the “Why” Puzzle: Leveraging Qualitative Data.

Lab Usability Studies: What, Why, and How Much?

Usability Alternatives: Remote and Online Outsourced.

Surveys: Truly Scalable Listening.

Web-Enabled Emerging User Research Options.

Chapter 7 Failing Faster: Unleashing the Power of Testing and Experimentation.

A Primer on Testing Options: A/B and MVT.

Actionable Testing Ideas.

Controlled Experiments: Step Up Your Analytics Game!

Creating and Nurturing a Testing Culture.

Tip 1: Your First Test is "Do or Die".

Tip 2: Don't Get Caught in the Tool/Consultant Hype.

Tip 3: "Open the Kimono"—Get Over Yourself.

Tip 4: Start with a Hypothesis.

Tip 5: Make Goals Evaluation Criteria and Up-Front Decisions.

Tip 6: Test For and Measure Multiple Outcomes.

Tip 7: Source Your Tests in Customer Pain.

Tip 8: Analyze Data and Communicate Learnings.

Tip 9: Two Must-Haves: Evangelism and Expertise.

Chapter 8 Competitive Intelligence Analysis.

CI Data Sources, Types, and Secrets.

Website Traffic Analysis.

Search and Keyword Analysis.

Audience Identification and Segmentation Analysis.

Chapter 9 Emerging Analytics: Social, Mobile, and Video.

Measuring the New Social Web: The Data Challenge.

Analyzing Offline Customer Experiences (Applications).

Analyzing Mobile Customer Experiences.

Measuring the Success of Blogs.

Quantifying the Impact of Twitter.

Analyzing Performance of Videos.

Chapter 10 Optimal Solutions for Hidden Web Analytics Traps.

Accuracy or Precision?

A Six-Step Process for Dealing with Data Quality.

Building the Action Dashboard.

Nonline Marketing Opportunity and Multichannel Measurement.

The Promise and Challenge of Behavior Targeting.

Online Data Mining and Predictive Analytics: Challenges.

Path to Nirvana: Steps Toward Intelligent Analytics Evolution.

Step 1: Tag, Baby, Tag!

Step 2: Configuring Web Analytics Tool Settings.

Step 3: Campaign/Acquisition Tracking.

Step 4: Revenue and Uber-intelligence.

Step 5: Rich-Media Tracking (Flash, Widgets, Video).

Chapter 11 Guiding Principles for Becoming an Analysis Ninja.

Context Is Queen.

Comparing KPI Trends Over Time.

Beyond the Top 10: What’s Changed.

True Value: Measuring Latent Conversions and Visitor Behavior.

Four Inactionable KPI Measurement Techniques.

Search: Measuring the Value of Upper Funnel Keywords.

Search: Advanced Pay-per-Click Analyses.

Chapter 12 Advanced Principles for Becoming an Analysis Ninja.

Multitouch Campaign Attribution Analysis.

Multichannel Analytics: Measurement Tips for a Nonline World.

Chapter 13 The Web Analytics Career.

Planning a Web Analytics Career: Options, Salary Prospects, and Growth.

Cultivating Skills for a Successful Career in Web Analysis.

An Optimal Day in the Life of an Analysis Ninja.

Hiring the Best: Advice for Analytics Managers and Directors.

Chapter 14 HiPPOs, Ninjas, and the Masses: Creating a Data-Driven Culture.

Transforming Company Culture: How to Excite People About Analytics.

Deliver Reports and Analyses That Drive Action.

Changing Metric Definitions to Change Cultures: Brand Evangelists Index.

Slay the Data Quality Dragon: Shift from Questioning to Using Data.

Five Rules for Creating a Data-Driven Boss.

Need Budget? Strategies for Embarrassing Your Organization.

Strategies to Break Down Barriers to Web Measurement.

Who Owns Web Analytics?

Appendix About the Companion CD.


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Avinash Kaushik is the author of the leading research & analytics blog Occam’s Razor. He is also the Analytics Evangelist for Google and the Chief Education Officer at Market Motive, Inc. He is a bestselling author and a frequent speaker at key industry conferences around the globe and at leading American universities. He was the recipient of the 2009 Statistical Advocate of the Year award from the American Statistical Association. Avinash donates all proceeds from his books to two charities, The Smile Train and the Ekel Vidyalaya Foundation.
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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Short urls in the 1st printing no longer redirect to the correct web pages
The author used a website called sn.im to provide short urls for all the web pages to which he refers in the book. That site is now defunct and so those urls do not redirect properly as printed in the book. The short urls are now being handled through another domain, called "zqi.me". To go to any of the webpages, you need to replace the domain in the url, "sn.im" with the domain "zqi.me". The shortcut portion of the short urls remains unchanged.

In addition, there is an Excel spreadsheet included on the CD that lists all the short urls and the web pages to which they point. Go to the Resources and Downloads tab to download a corrected version of that file that lists the new short urls with the zqi.me domain.
2/25/10 1st
4 99 Error in discussion of data shown in Figure 4.22
The first sentence on the page, "You can quickly see that Visitors refine their query for the word blogger only 1.8 percent of the time, a likely indication that they find what they are looking for right away."

Should read:

You can quickly see that Visitors refine their query for the word cross domain only 3.23 percent of the time, a likely indication that they find what they are looking for right away.
12/8/09 1st
4 111 Reference to incorrect figures
In the first paragraph, the reference to Figure 4.28 and Figure 4.29 is incorrect. It should read "Figure 4.27 and Figure 4.28".
12/8/09 1st
5 160 Text correction: Typographical error in calculation
In the sixth paragraph, a comma has been substituted for a divide by character: "/".

"1,900 , 30 = $63" should read "1,900 / 30 = $63"
3/18/10 1st
5 160 Text clarification
In the sixth paragraph, replace "I can take the average of that value over the past three months and compute that each click on the site is worth $25. Total monthly value? 338 35 = $8,450." with the following text:

"I can follow that same process for rest of the conferences and to compute the value of each click on that page I can, as an example, take the average of that value. Final economic value created? I received 338 clicks on that page and my average value was $25 so the total was 338 x 25 = $8450."
3/18/10 1st
9 various Text correction: Mobile analytics provider Bango Analytics incorrectly called "Bongo"
In two instances on pg. 251 under "Tag-Based Solutions -- JavaScript or Image" The name of the mobile analytics provider Bango Analytics is misspelled "Bongo". The same error is repeated on pg. 253 in the first paragraph and again on pg. 255 in the last paragraph.
6/11/10 1st and 2nd
11 351 Text correction
The fourth sentence under "Analyzing Visual Impression Share and Lost Revenue" contains an error.

"Variables that go into that decision include the big prices, quality score..." should read
"Variables that go into that decision include the bids, quality score..."
3/18/10 1st
11 355 Text correction
The third sentence in the third paragraph contains an error.

"You likely expect exact match keywords that are precise and that carefully chosen targets will perform better than precise and certainly broad match." should read:

"You likely expect exact match keywords that are precise and that carefully chosen targets will perform better than phrase match and certainly broad match."
3/18/10 1st
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