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Closing the Execution Gap: How Great Leaders and Their Companies Get Results

ISBN: 978-0-470-53130-3
256 pages
June 2010, Pfeiffer
Closing the Execution Gap: How Great Leaders and Their Companies Get Results (0470531304) cover image
Why can some companies get things done day-to-day and deliver consistent results? Based on an extensive research from more than 400 companies, this book outlines five baseline factors critical for effective execution and five factors that differentiate companies that are most effective at executing plans and initiatives. It also explores the seven specific things leaders at all levels can do to close the execution gap in their company or team and help people get things done day-to-day. This is an essential guide for consistently executing effective plans and initiatives.
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About the Author.


Chapter One: Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination.

Yes, There Is an Execution Gap But That's Only the Tip of the Iceberg!

Conventional Wisdom : Maybe Not So Wise!

The Five Bridges: Gap Closers That Make the Difference.

The Bottom Line.

Chapter Two: Bridge Builder 1: Create and Use Action Plans.

First Things First: A Brief Look at Strategic Planning.

Vision and Standards of Excellence.

Aligning Projects and Programs with Strategy.

Action Planning: An Execution Essential.

The Bottom Line.

Chapter Three: Bridge Builder 2: Expect Top Performance.

The Pygmalion Effect: Proof That Expectations Drive Performance.

Breaking the Cycle.

The Bottom Line.

Chapter Four: Bridge Builder 3: Hold People Accountable.

What Is Accountability Anyway?

Why We Should Hold People Accountable and Why We Don't.

Assessing Accountability: The Four Levels.

Why We Make Excuses.

Accountability Boosters: Managing Accountability in Others.

The Bottom Line.

Chapter Five: Bridge Builder 4: Involve the Right People in Making the Right Decisions.

Beyond the Buzzword: What Empowerment Really Means.

Brain Basics: How Cognitive Systems Impact Judgment and Decision Making.

So How Can We Make Better Decisions?

The Bottom Line.

Chapter Six: Bridge Builder 5: Facilitate Change Readiness.

What Top-Performing Companies Do.

Kicking Old Habits: What Addicts Can Teach Us About Change.

The Five Levels of Change Readiness.

Moving on Up: Facilitating Change with Level-Appropriate Strategies.

Holding Up the Mirror: Understanding the Impact of Leader Behavior.

The Importance of Change Talk.

The Bottom Line.

Chapter Seven: Bridge Builder 6: Increase Cooperation and Collaboration.

Cooperating Versus Competing: The Human Struggle.

Encouraging and Sustaining Cooperation.

Disagreement Happens: How to Gain Support and Resolve Conflict.

The Bottom Line.

Conclusion: Five Lessons for Leaders.

Lesson 1: Integrate the Leader and Manager Role.

Lesson 2: Clarify Assumptions and Priorities.

Lesson 3: Make Sure the Right Systems Are in Place.

Lesson 4: Coordinate and Monitor High-Impact Actions.

Lesson 5: Get Change Management Right.

The Bottom Line.

Appendix: Criteria for Selecting Top-Performing Companies.



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Richard Lepsinger is president of OnPoint Consulting and has a twenty-five year track record of success as an organizational consultant and executive. He is the coauthor of three books on leadership including Flexible Leadership: Creating Value by Balancing Multiple Challenges and Choices, The Art and Science of 360? Feedback, and The Art and Science of Competency Models, all published by Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

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