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Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future

ISBN: 978-0-470-53717-6
384 pages
January 2018
Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future (0470537175) cover image


As a follow up to his widely acclaimed Sustainable Urbanism, this new book from author Douglas Farr embraces the idea that the humanitarian, population, and climate crises are three facets of one interrelated human existential challenge, one with impossibly short deadlines. The vision of Sustainable Nation is to accelerate the pace of progress of human civilization to create an equitable and sustainable world. The core strategy of Sustainable Nation is the perfection of the design and governance of all neighborhoods to make them unique exemplars of community and sustainability. The tools to achieve this vision are more than 70 patterns for rebellious change written by industry leaders of thought and practice. Each pattern represents an aspirational, future-oriented ideal for a key aspect of a neighborhood. At once an urgent call to action and a guidebook for change, Sustainable Nation is an essential resource for urban designers, planners, and architects. 

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Table of Contents

Part One Our Default World

Chapter 1: Where We Are

Chapter 2: Case Studies: The Future Ahead of Schedule

Part Two Our Preferred Future

Chapter 3: Where We Want to Go

Part Three Theory of Change

Chapter 4: Theory of Change

Chapter 5: Time

Chapter 6: Acceleration Strategies

Part Four Patterns of Change

Chapter 7: Collective Effervescence

Chapter 8: Self-Governing Neighborhoods

Chapter 9: A Theater of Life

Chapter 10: Vibrant Density

Chapter 11: Mobility in Walkable Places

Chapter 12: Neighborhood Economy

Chapter 13: Urban Waters

Chapter 14: Stranded Carbon

Chapter 15: The New Health, Safety, and Welfare

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Author Information

Douglas Farr (FAIA, LEED AP, CNU-A) is a visionary architect, urbanist, author, and passionate advocate for sustainable design thinking. Doug heads Farr Associates, a Chicago-based firm of optimistic architects and urban designers who plan and design lovable, aspirational buildings and places. With his first book Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature, as well as through his role as Co-Chair of LEED-Neighborhood Development, Doug helped to refocus the sustainability movement from the stand-alone building to the robust neighborhood.

A native Detroiter and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Doug has served on the boards of urban sustainability organizations including the Congress for New Urbanism, Bioregional, EcoDistricts, and Elevate Energy. 

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