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Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks: 7 Secrets for Going Up in Down Times

ISBN: 978-0-470-55472-2
166 pages
February 2010
Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks: 7 Secrets for Going Up in Down Times  (047055472X) cover image
Praise for Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks

"Willie Jolley has written another incredible self-empowerment guide that will enable you to 'snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.' This powerful, timely survival manual will expand your vision and teach you how to succeed where others are failing. It will help you to develop the mind-set and skill set to convert setbacks into cash."—Les Brown bestselling author, award-winning speaker, and television and radio personality

"This book is full of change and challenge, pride and power,significance and success. Willie Jolley is an emotional power source whose energy is just barely contained in this wonderful book. When you open it, you'll feel the vitality of unrealized choices, and when you close it, you'll feel energized to change your life for your own benefit and for those around you."—Alan Weiss, PhD author of Million Dollar Consulting and Thrive!

"In this book, Willie Jolley hit a home run on the topic ofpersonal and professional success and wealth building! Read it and thenre-read it . . . and then tell everyone you know to get a copy and read it!That way everyone you know will grow their wealth!"—Larry Winget television personality and bestselling author of You're Broke Because You Want to Be and Your Kids Are Your Own Fault

"Willie Jolley is committed to developing wealth in people around the world, and this book is a true example of that commitment! Read it and you will be inspired and empowered to grow your success and your wealth!"—Kelvin Boston host of the Moneywise series on PBS, and author of Who's Afraid to Be a Millionaire?

"Willie Jolley has written a book, Turning Setbacks into Greenbacks,that will empower and inspire you to greater success and achievement! I highly recommend reading this book!"—Wally Amos bestselling author, speaker, positive thinker, and founder, Chip & Cookie

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Foreword Terry Paulson.




Introduction: The Secrets to Turning Setbacks into Comebacks.

1 Make Up Your Mind . . . Get Pressed, But Do Not Panic!.

2 Don’t Willingly Participate or Commiserate.

3 Don’t Let Your Pride Poison Your Prosperity.

4 Don’t Stop Thinking and Dreaming about the Power and Possibilities of Tomorrow.

5 Be Proactive.

6 Be Creative.

7 Be Prayerful.


About the Author.

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Willie Jolley is CEO of Willie Jolley Worldwide. Dubbed America's "Comeback Guru," he is an award-winning speaker, international bestselling author, national media personality, and national columnist. As host of the national radio show, The Willie Jolley Weekend Show, on XM Radio, he is making a major mark on the talk radio scene. Jolley's syndicated daily feature, The Willie Jolley Motivational Minute, can now be heard in over fifty markets. His popular column is syndicated by the National News Press Association and read by over six million readers via the Internet with the Electronic Urban Report.

For more information, please visit williejolley.com.

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Willie Jolley on Fox Morning News - Washington, DC

March 1, 2010

January 11, 2010
Seven Secrets for Going Up in Down Times

TURN SETBACKS INTO GREENBACKS (Wiley; February 2010; $21.95) by international best-selling author, speaker and “Comeback Guru” Willie Jolley, couldn’t come at a better time. We may have gone through some troubling times, and the worst may not be over, but Jolley’s message in this book will motivate, inspire, and instruct all of us to come out on the other side greater than we began. 

The Wall Street Journal says that the number one concern on people's mind today is how to they can “come back” from this tough economic situation.  In their January 2010 Issue, Success Magazine dubbed Willie Jolley as “The King of Comebacks” partly because of his fame as the speaker who helped Ford Motors to avert bankruptcy and bail-outs. He was the speaker Ford hired when they went through their national re-organization in 2006, where they needed to get 25,000 people to take the buyout.  Jolley went on a national tour and spoke to Ford workers, not about taking the buyout, but rather about taking full advantage of the “American dream” and the possibilities that it afforded them.  

After hearing Jolley’s inspiration message over 38,000 people took the buyout. Jolley went on to do the internal television messages for the remaining Ford workers on the importance of an attitude of excellence. In this new book Jolley shares with readers that viewing setbacks as a chance for future growth, every challenge can have a positive outcome, and every setback can be seen as nothing but a setup for a comeback. TURN SETBACKS INTO GREENBACKS is designed to help readers grow possibilities and profits, and reach greater levels of business success. 

In Jolley’s signature style, this book exudes enthusiasm and offers time-tested suggestions, strategies, and solutions not only to survive, but thrive, and take action to achieve professional growth. Jolley's simple step plan is easy to follow, easy to implement, and will teach readers the importance of: 

  • Focusing their Vision: Where you focus your energy determines where you will go. Focus your vision on what you want, despite the setback, and use the setback for what it really is: a transition period.
  • Making a Decision: Both success and failure are decisions. The truth is successful businesspeople choose to be successful. Once your vision is in place, you need to decide you're going to win despite the setback.
  • Taking Action: A decision without action is simply an illusion. By taking action on a decision, you're also taking responsibility for the setback. Remember, you might not be responsible for getting knocked down, but you are responsible for getting back up. Only those who act achieve their goals.
  • Keeping the Desire: Desire is the degree of energy you're willing to exert in order to reach your goal. Decide how badly you want to achieve the goal and then keep going after it until you achieve it.
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