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There's Always a Way : How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Succeed in Business and Life

ISBN: 978-0-470-55841-6
272 pages
December 2009


Increase your business fitness and break world sales records

You can do it! You can increase your sales power. You can become more persuasive and effective in your business and your personal life. Most of all, you can learn the secrets of transforming fear, failure, and adversity into victory. Many people today recognize a powerful correlation between physical health and business success. Tony Little is living proof of this connection. Having worked his way up from poverty and sickness to become, as Jay Leno called him, "America's personal trainer," he is also the most successful and recognizable salesman on the planet today, selling a record-breaking 3 billion dollars worth of retail product on TV. Now, in There's Always a Way, Tony reveals how he's used the hard knocks in his own life to develop unique selling strategies that make him a living brand.

  • Tony explains how to use fears and insecurities to sharpen one's selling game and build self-confidence
  • Tony demonstrates dynamite secrets for self-motivation, overcoming negativity, and thinking out of the box
  • Tony explains how to build a positive mind set, create a buzz, exploit humor, find a niche, set goals, ask the right questions, close the sale, make the customer into a star, achieve peak selling performance, and turn oneself into a lean, mean selling machine
  • Having grown his business in a tough market, Tony explains how to stand out in these down times

There's Always a Way is a perfect read for goal setters, for movers and groovers moving up, for businesspersons who want to learn to win. Read it and be motivated to make every sales opportunity into a formula for success.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 There's Always a Way to Success.

Chapter 2 Why I've Such a Failure.

Chapter 3 Why I've Been Such a Success.

Chapter 4 Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.

Chapter 5 Change Your Life, Change Your Mindset

Chapter 6 Beyond Thinking Outside the Box (What Box?)

Chapter 7 You Gotta Step Out to Stand Out.

Chapter 8 Self-Brand Your Way to Success.

Chapter 9 The Greatest Selling Secret of All Time.

Chapter 10 Give It All You've Got.

Chapter 11 Tell a Tale, Make a Sale.

Chapter 12 Be Smart: Keep It Simple.

Chapter 13 How to Thrill Your Audience into Buying.

Chapter 14 Passion Sells.

Chapter 15 The Neglected Key to High-Performance Selling.

Chapter 16 Tony's Top Selling Secrets 101.

Chapter 17 Tony's Advanced-Standing Selling Secrets.

Chapter 18 Tony's Totally Stupid, Idiotic, Useless Sales Secrets.

Chapter 19 Begin It Now!

Chapter 20. PS—Watch and Shop: The Inside Story.

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Author Information

Tony Little is a fitness giant, record-breaking world-renowned salesperson, and founder and CEO of Health International Corporation. Dubbed “America’s Personal Trainer,“   Tony logs 6,000 hours a year on TV promoting his products all over the world, including regular appearances on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) . He has produced the largest number of successful infomercial s in the world under one celebrity name. Tony has been featured in hundred s of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today, for more on Tony Little, visit www tonylittle.com.
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Press Release

February 11, 2010
There's Always a Way

Most people know fitness guru Tony Little for his trademark ponytail and shouts of “You can do it!” while astride of the Gazelle exercise machine.  What many people don’t know is how many bad things the man popularly known as “America’s Personal Trainer” has had to overcome to become one of the most financially successful figures ever to appear on television, selling over $3 billion worth of products worldwide. Now in his first business book THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY (Wiley; January 2010; $24.95; 978-0-470-55841-6; Hardcover), Tony is tackling the literary world with the same high energy and enthusiasm with which he approaches everything else in his life.

Tony reveals his very own rags-to-riches story -- and of how he has used the hard knocks of his own life to develop unique selling strategies, become a successful businessman and a better human being. Most people would give up and assume their life would always be the same, but Tony Little decided that these incidents would not decide the course of his life. Tony is living proof that no matter what obstacles you’re facing, and no matter what you crave the most, there is always a way to achieve it. THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY contains practical advice culled from Tony’s often wild and improbable experiences, which will help readers navigate the tough business world, as well as live a quality life.

Tony recounts his personal life story, from teenage runs-ins with the law that resulted in his mother shipping him off from their home in Ohio to live with an uncle in Florida, to finding success as a body builder, only to be derailed by a near fatal car accident – then another.  The trauma and its aftermath resulted in four facial surgeries, more than 200 stitches, two herniated discs, a torn rotator cuff, a dislocated knee, an addiction to pain killer and a weight gain of more than 50 pounds. But from the ruins of his broken body came an unrelenting desire to change his life. What ensued was the creation of a fitness empire and tremendous success created from a combination of determination and a willingness to take risks.

Using the backdrop of his own, at times, bizarre experiences to illustrate a roadmap to success, Tony explains how to use fears and insecurities to sharpen one's selling game and provides secrets for overcoming negativity, thinking out of the box, creating a buzz, exploiting humor, making the customer into a star, and achieving peak selling performance. A definite read during these challenging times, There’s Always a Way is an inspirational and motivational book that demonstrates how to change your mindset and achieve your professional and personal goals.

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