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Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-56231-4
528 pages
March 2010
Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 2nd Edition (0470562315) cover image


Packed with insider tips and tricks, this how-to guide is fully revised to cover the latest version of Google Analytics and shows you how to implement proven Web analytics methods and concepts.

This second edition of the bestselling Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics is the perfect book for marketers, vendors, consultants, and Webmasters who want to learn the installation, configuration, tracking techniques, and best practices of Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics is a free tool that measures Web site effectiveness and helps users better understand how web site performance; this book is a detailed usage guide written by one of the software's original creators
  • Explains what filters keep data accurate, how to measure Flash usage and tag for e-mail marketing, and what visitor segmentation provides the most useful feedback
  • Examines principles and practices of Web analytics, then shows how to use GA's reports and how to track dynamic Web pages, banners, outgoing links, and contact forms
  • Discusses advanced setups for configuring goals and filters, how to integrate GA with third-party systems, and how to leverage the new API

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, Second Edition is valuable for both novice and experienced users of Google Analytics.

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Table of Contents



Part I: Measuring Success.

1 Why Understanding Your Web Traffic Is Important to Your Business.

2 Available Methodologies.

3 Where Google Analytics Fits.

Part II: Using Google Analytics Reports.

4 Using the Google Analytics Interface.

5 Top 10 Reports Explained

Part III: Implementing Google Analytics.

6 Getting Started.

7 Advanced Implementation.

8 Best Practices Configuration Guide.

9 Google Analytics Hacks.

Part IV: Using Visitor Data to Drive Website Improvement.

10 Focusing on Key Performance Indicators.

11 Real-World Tasks.

12 Integrating Google Analytics Data with Third-Party Systems.

Appendix A Regular Expression Overview.

Understanding the Fundamentals.

Regex Examples.

Appendix B Useful Tools.

Tools to Audit Your GATC Deployment.

Firefox Add-ons.

Desktop Helper Applications.

Appendix C Recommended Further Reading.

Books on Web Analytics and Related Areas.

Web Resources.

Blog Roll for Web Analytics.


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Author Information

Brian Clifton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized Google Analytics expert who consults on website performance optimization for global clients. As the former head of web analytics for Google Europe, Middle East, and Africa, he defined the strategy for adoption and built a team of pan-European product specialists. Brian speaks at industry conferences, writes regularly on his Measuring Success blog (www.advanced-web-metrics.com/blog), and wrote the first edition of this book.

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9 269 Text correction: error in code
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pageTracker._setCustomVar(1, ?Section?, ?Sports Pages?, 3);

should read:

pageTracker._setCustomVar(1, ?Section?, ?Sports Pages?, 3);
}catch(err) {}</script>

Note the order of the lines has changed and the additional closure of the ?try? block and </script>
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9 290 Text correction: error in code
The 19th line of code on the page:
should read:
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11 409-10 Text correction: incorrect use of nested quotation marks in code listing
The e-commerce field values in the fourth and fifth lines of code on page 409 and in the sixth and seventh lines of code on page 410 are incorrectly given in double quotation marks. As the field values are nested within double quotes (") they should be in single quotes (').
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