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Raising Goats For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-56899-6
360 pages
March 2010
Raising Goats For Dummies (0470568992) cover image


Raise goats and reap the rewards. Raising Goats For Dummies provides you with an introduction to all aspects of owning, caring for, and the day-to-day benefits of raising goats.

Raising Goats For Dummies is your How-to guide for:

  • Breaking down the complicated process of choosing and purchasing the right goat breed to meet your needs and getting facilities for your goat set up.
  • Providing in-depth information on proper grooming, handling, feeding, and milking
  • Covering the basics of goat health and nutrition
  • Offering tips and advice for using your goat to produce milk, meat, fiber, and more

Understand what makes these useful and delightful creatures so popular and gain the knowledge and skills to properly care for and utilize their many offerings.

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Table of Contents


Part I: Getting Acquainted with Goats.

Chapter 1: Discovering the Joys of Raising Goats.

Chapter 2: Glimpsing Vital Goat Statistics.

Chapter 3: Knowing Your Capra Aegagrus Hircus (Goat, That Is).

Chapter 4: Getting Your Property Ready for a Goat.

Part II: Bringing Your Goats Home.

Chapter 5: Home Sweet Homestead: Sheltering Your Goats.

Chapter 6: Dinner Time: What and How to Feed Your Goats.

Chapter 7: Getting Your Goats: Choosing, Buying, and Bringing Goats Home.

Chapter 8: Working with Your Goats.

Chapter 9: Handling Routine Care and Important One-Time Tasks.

Part III: Glimpsing Goat Health and Breeding.

Chapter 10: Outlining Basic Health Care Requirements.

Chapter 11: Addressing Common Health Problems and Ailments.

Chapter 12: Breeding and Looking After Pregnant Goats.

Chapter 13: Now Comes the Fun Part: Kids!

Part IV: Living Sustainably and Making Money from Your Goats.

Chapter 14: Discovering Goat Milk: How to Get, Use, and Sell It.

Chapter 15: Goat Meat: From Breeding to Selling and Beyond.

Chapter 16: Further Benefi ts of Goats: Fiber, Breeding, Weed Control, and More.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten Common Mistakes First-Time Goat Owners Make.

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Showing Your Goat.

Chapter 19: Ten Misconceptions about Goats.

Appendix: Goat-Milk Recipes.


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Author Information

Cheryl K. Smith has raised a small herd of dairy goats under the herd name Mystic Acres since 1998. She published Ruminations: The Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Dairy Goat magazine and Goat Health Care. She writes a blog (ruminationsongoats.blogspot.com) and is an expert on goats at allexperts.com.

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Press Release

May 19, 2010
Get a Goat to Do Your Landscaping: No, We’re Not kidding!

Summer is looming on the horizon and the signs are everywhere—the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and that luscious green grass is back to growing with earnest. It also means that landscaping is moving to the top of to-do lists everywhere. And if you’ve got several acres of land, or even worse- torrential terrain- to take care of, the mere thought of landscaping and lawn care can make you want to pull your hair out. The good news? There’s a new, affordable, and environmentally-friendly solution out there: goats.

If you think that having a goat as your own personal landscaper isn’t realistic, think again. Many families are finding that raising goats is a great way to save money, help the environment, and add a beloved companion to their household all at the same time. In fact, in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint AND take care of some landscaping issues last year, Google hired holistic land management company California Grazing to bring in 200 goats to their Mountain View, CA headquarters to graze away on a nearby field that was in desperate need of a trimming. The trial run was so successful, that Google hired the goats for a second time this April. Any why is it that goats are such a great option? Consider the following:

  • The goats (who get a free meal out of the deal!) are comparable in cost to hiring a lawn mowing service.
  • Goats offer much more in the way of “green” benefits. They emit much lower carbon monoxide than lawn mowers and they help to fertilize and restore plant species while they graze.
  • They can take care of large fields and multiple acres of land in addition to steep hills and rocky terrain- where most lawn mowers and landscapers can’t go.

If you are ready to “get your goat(s)”? Raising Goats for Dummies® (Wiley Publishing, Inc., March 2010, ISBN: 978-0-4705689-9-6, $19.99) tells you everything you need to know to take the goat-raising plunge. For example: 

  • Learn how to make your property goat-ready
  • Everything you need to know about building a shelter for your goats
  • Protecting your plants   
  • Poisonous plants to look out for, and how you can get rid of them to protect your herd
  • The finer points of proper fencing: how to keep your goats contained and safe!
  • Taking care of your goats: everything from grooming to first-aid
  • The top ten misconceptions about goats (No, they don’t really eat tin cans!) 

Goats are smart, friendly companions that are easy to manage with the proper set-up- and they can help you to keep up with your yard work, too! Whether you opt to own, or hire a company who manages the goats for you, remember that goats are living creatures that should be cared for and respected. If you take good care of your goats, they will be sure to take good care of you!

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

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