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The Warren Buffetts Next Door: The World's Greatest Investors You've Never Heard Of and What You Can Learn From Them

ISBN: 978-0-470-57378-5
224 pages
November 2010
The Warren Buffetts Next Door: The World


A practical guide for investors who are ready to take financial matters into their own hands

The Warren Buffetts Next Door profiles previously unknown investors, with legendary performance records, who are proving every day that you don't need to work for a hedge fund or have an Ivy League diploma to consistently beat the best performing Wall Street professionals.

These amazing individuals come from all walks of life, from a globe drifting college dropout and a retired disc jockey to a computer room geek and a truck driver. Their methods vary from technical trading and global macro-economic analysis to deep value investing. The glue that holds them together is their passion for investing and their ability to efficiently harness the Internet for critical investment ideas, research, and trading skills.

  • The author digs deep to find the best of the best, even finding those who are making money during these turbulent times
  • Contains case studies that will explain to you how these great individual investors find and profit from stocks and options.
  • Shows you how to rely on your own instincts and knowledge when making important investment decisions

In an era when the best professional advice has cracked many investor nest eggs and Madoff-style frauds have shattered investor trusts, the self-empowered investors found in The Warren Buffetts Next Door offer an inspiring and educational tale.

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Table of Contents



Introduction: Thou Shalt Covet Thy Neighbor's Portfolio.

Chapter 1 Vagabond Value.

Tangible Tactics.

Who Is Chris Rees?

Rees's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Abatix Corp (OTC: ABIX).

Rees: In His Own Words.

Reflecting on the Financial Meltdown of 2008.

Chapter 2 Options Apostle.

Sell Options, Have Fun, and Make Money.

Who Is Bob Krebs?

Krebs's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Annaly Mortgage (NYSE: NLY).

Krebs: In His Own Words.

On Avoiding the Big Loss.

A Silver Lining to the Crash of 2008.

Chapter 3 Lady's Man.

Knife Catching.

Who Is Mike Koza?

Koza's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Radian Group (NYSE: RDN).

Koza: In His Own Words.

On Comparing the Market to Whitewater Rafting.

On Professional Money Management.

Chapter 4 The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Magpie Investing.

Who Is Kai Petainen?

Petainen's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Ternium, S.A. (NYSE:TX).

Petainen: In His Own Words.

On Jim Cramer, John Stewart, Stock Analysts, and "Sisu".

Chapter 5 Network Miner.

Peer-to-Peer Profits.

Who Is Alan Hill?

Hill's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: China Energy Corp. (OTCBB: CHGY).

Hill: In His Own Words.

On China's Emergence.

On Change.

Chapter 6 Ramblin' Jack.

Buying Hiccups.

Who Is Jack Weyland?

Weyland's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Iomai.

Weyland: In His Own Words.

On Health Care versus Other Sectors.

On His Approach to Investing.

Chapter 7 The Oracle of Manitoba.

Warren Buffett Meets Sir John Templeton.

Who Is Randy McDuff?

McDuff's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Companhia Brasileira de Distribuicao (NYSE: CBD).

McDuff: In His Own Words.

On Utilities and Recession-Resistant Stocks.

Post–2008 Crash Investing.

On Retirement Investing.

On New Money versus Old Money.

Chapter 8 Mexican Gold.

From Detective to Deal Maker.

Who Is Andrew Swann?

Swann's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: OceanaGold (TSE: OGC.CA).

Swann: In His Own Words.

On Owning Physical Gold.

On Whether He Is a Speculator or Investor.

On Living in Mexico.

Chapter 9 Stock Angler.

Do as I Do, Not as I Say.

Who Is Justin Uyehara?

Uyehara's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: Medivation (NASDAQ: MDVN).

Uyehara: In His Own Words.

On His Goal of Becoming a Money Manager.

On Price-Earnings Multiples.

On the Market's Strong Rebound from 2008.

Chapter 10 Bear Market Hero.

Bear Tracking.

Who Is John Navin?

Navin's Rules of Investing.

Case Study: PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Index Bullish (NYSE: UUP).

Navin: In His Own Words.

On Playing Blackjack and Investing.

On Technical Analysis versus Fundamental Analysis.

On the Goldman Sachs Scandal Fallout.

Chapter 11 Legendary Investor Incubators.

Marketocracy (www.marketocracy.com).

ValueForum.com (www.valueforum.com).

Value Investors Club (www.valueinvestorsclub.com).

Motley Fool Caps (http://caps.fool.com).

Covestor (www.covestor.com).

kaChing.com (www.kaching.com).

RiskGrades (www.riskgrades.com).

Investor's Business Daily (www.investors.com).

American Association of Individual Investors (www.aaii.com).

FundAlarm (www.fundalarm.com).

StockCharts.com (www.stockcharts.com).

Other Sites to Bookmark.


About the Author.


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Author Information

Matthew Schifrin is Vice President and Investing Editor at Forbes Media LLC. He oversees money, investing, and personal finance content in Forbes magazine and on Forbes.com, including its Intelligent Investing and Financial Adviser Network. Schifrin also manages Forbes Newsletter Group and Forbes iConferences, and was the founding editor of Forbes.com's Best of the Web. As an investigative reporter, his articles have been featured on the cover of Forbes magazine dozens of times and he has been a finalist for an American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award. Schifrin is a frequent speaker at investor conferences and has appeared numerous times on radio and television.

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Press Release

November 09, 2010
Warren Buffetts Next Door

Warren Buffett, John Bogle, George Soros, Peter Lynch, and John Templeton--they are famous investors whose names you know. And then there are the Warren Buffetts next door, those successful investors you have never heard of. According to Forbes Editor Matt Schifrin and author of THE WARREN BUFFETTS NEXT DOOR: The World's Greatest Investors You've Never Heard Of and What You Can Learn From Them, the Internet has truly been a game-changer for individual investors. Armed with technology and tools, previously only available to professionals, amateurs are now achieving professional results without professional commissions or fancy degrees from places like Wharton or Harvard. But not only are these outstanding self-directed investors trouncing market indexes, they are also taking control of their own capital in order to repair cracked nest-eggs and improve their lot in life. They don't seek the riches of Wall Street, but rather have more modest goals - being able to afford a family vacation every year, sending their kids to a good college, and having enough income to last them through retirement.

In his book, Schifrin provides case studies of 10 regular people who can pick stocks better than the vast majority of all professional advisors and money managers employed by firms like Merrill Lynch and Fidelity. Schifrin details their personal stories, along with their investment strategies, trading philosophies, and rules for investing.

Though Mike Koza lives about 1,350 miles away from Warren Buffett's Omaha, Nebraska, headquarters, the 51-year-old-civil engineer for the Sacramento County Department of Waste Management applies many of the same Graham & Dodd value principles in selecting stocks for his personal portfolio. Since February 2001, he has been able to achieve an average annual return of 34 percent per year. An investment in Berkshire Hathaway's stock would have netted 6 percent per year over the same time period. An investment in a well-run index fund like Vanguard Total Stock Market garnered less than 2 percent average annual return.

Koza is not alone. Another Warren Buffett wannabe named Chris Rees practices concentrated deep value investing from his ocean-view home on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. He has a verifiable 10-year average annual portfolio return of 25 percent. Former truck driver Jack Weyland of Reno, Nevada, has developed an expertise in health care and biotech stocks. He has had an average annual return of 36 percent since July 2002. Neither he nor Rees ever completed college, and Weyland spent much of his time picking stocks while on the road driving a tractor-trailer.

Another Warren Buffett Next Door, Alan Hill was able to secure a golden retirement with a single smart stock pick that created a windfall allowing him to build an adobe-style dream home in Placitas, New Mexico. But that was just the beginning, since his retirement in 2005, Hill is making more money investing than he ever did during his career as an executive in educational technology.

All the people profiled in THE WARREN BUFFETTS NEXT DOOR are risk takers but they are also supersensitive to losing their own hard-earned capital so their risks are carefully calculated. They come from all walks of life, but they demonstrate that the only real prerequisite to becoming a good investor is committing the time to educate themselves. They are out to make enough money to enjoy the lifestyle of their choosing. And that's exactly what they are doing.

THE WARREN BUFFETTS NEXT DOOR offers timeless advice and inspiration for any investor hoping to profit by investing in themselves.

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