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The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World

ISBN: 978-0-470-57512-3
322 pages
April 2010
The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World  (0470575123) cover image


A new breed of investing that combines making more money and making a difference

First there were the "Profiteers," investors who sought to make money regardless of the cost to society. Then came the "Do-Gooders," investors who avoided "bad" companies and supported "good" ones, based on philosophy over financials. Now this book introduces a brand new breed of investor: The HIP Investor.

Written for those who want to profit handsomely while also building a better world, it will help you discover companies that are boosting the bottom line by solving key human needs through innovative products and services-benefiting customers, engaging employees, and delivering sustainable, profitable growth for their investors. That's the Human Impact + Profit, or HIP, approach.

In The HIP Investor, R. Paul Herman-creator of the HIP methodology-introduces a revolutionary system that allows investors to profit and make a positive impact. It values measurable results over policies and philosophies, and shows how higher-performing companies can deliver both human impact and profit for shareholders. This book

  • Provides a compelling, easy to use "investor tool-kit" so you can quickly "HIP" your portfolio
  • Reveals the three questions you should ask when looking for a company to invest in
  • Illustrates how world problems can be solved for profit by companies and investors making informed decisions

You can make money while making a difference, and The HIP Investor is here to show you how.

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Table of Contents

Disclosure and Disclaimer.

Introduction: The New Fundamentals – Build a Better World, Make Bigger Profits.

PART I Getting Ready for Your HIP Portfolio.

Chapter 1 The Importance of Human Impact to Investors.

Chapter 2 Assessing the Global Trends: Why HIP? Why Now?

PART II Researching Your HIP Portfolio.

Chapter 3 Bringing Products to Market That Solve A Human Need.

Chapter 4: Count the Quantifiable Human, Social and Environmental Impacts.

Chapter 5 Directly Embed HIP Criteria into Decision Making.

Chapter 6 Equating Impacts to Profit and Valuation.

PART III Designing Your HIP Portfolio.

Chapter 7 Framing Your Portfolio for Human Impact + Profit.

Chapter 8 Growing a HIP Approach into Your Entire Portfolio.

Chapter 9 How to Make a Future HIP World.



About the Author.


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Author Information

R. PAUL HERMAN created the HIPSM methodology for investors worldwide to realize Human Impact + ProfitSM. Herman advises investors and manages portfolios (including the HIP 100 Index) using "The HIP ScorecardSM" featured in Fast Company magazine and at www.HIPinvestor.com. Herman's financial acumen was honed at the Wharton School and McKinsey & Co., and he accelerated social entrepreneurs at Ashoka.org and Omidyar Network. Herman advises leading corporations (including Walmart and Nike) and foundations on how to be more HIP. His insights have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and on CNN and CNBC.
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Press Release

June 01, 2010
The HIP Investor

Most investors pursue short-term financial gains, regardless of the human, environmental and social impact of the companies contained in their portfolio, which actually drive profit and business value. Some have adopted a socially responsible philosophy—excluding "bad" companies from their portfolio—which can be good for their conscience but not necessarily for their bottom line. In The HIP Investor (Wiley; April 2010; $29.95; 978-0-470-57512-3; Hardcover), R. Paul Herman—creator of the HIP approach (Human Impact + Profit) and a leading investment advisor—offers another solution: an approach that can realize the bigger profits that capitalists seek while building a better world that the socially conscious desire.

Based on comprehensive research of the S&P 500, the HIP (Human Impact + Profit) methodology assesses measurable results over well-intentioned policies and philosophies, and shows how higher-performing companies can deliver both human impact and profit for shareholders. This ground-breaking HIP approach is shown to have outperformed the financial returns of the S&P benchmark in both up and down markets.

As a reliable resource for investors and investment advisors, The HIP Investor:

  • Provides the tools needed to build a better portfolio across all asset types, including stocks, bonds, and real estate
  • Outlines "the new fundamentals" of investing and how to perform a full quantitative assessment of a company's Human Impact + Profit potential
  • Highlights which companies in the S&P 500 are the most and least HIP, based on their products, metrics, and decision making
  • Includes real-world case studies that demonstrate how it’s possible to capture substantial financial returns and generate positive impact while mitigating risks

Since its inception, the HIP approach has been called “transformative” by industry experts, “compelling” by investors, and “the wave of the future” by corporations. Now investors looking for a fundamentally strong, long-term systematic approach have the opportunity to generate attractive profits while building a better world.

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