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Work Makes Me Nervous: Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed

ISBN: 978-0-470-58805-5
272 pages
September 2010
Work Makes Me Nervous: Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed (0470588055) cover image


A proven therapeutic method that channels workplace anxiety into powerful, confident performance

Millions of people are afraid of work. The situations they fear may be different-public speaking (e.g., presentations and speeches), meetings, conference calls, new assignments, performance reviews, promotions or praise, client consultations, team projects, and so on. But the feeling is often the same: some combination of obsessive worry, fear of being noticeably nervous, clammy hands, racing thoughts, sweating, blushing, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, and more.

That feeling is called "workplace anxiety." And Work Makes Me Nervous is the cure. An effective self-empowerment training program, Work Makes Me Nervous lays out a proven therapeutic method for dismantling the wall between you and your ability to excel at work. The program trains you to:

  • Channel workplace anxiety into powerful performance
  • Identify anxiety symptoms and pinpoint where fears originate
  • Achieve a High Performance Mind through a technique called Mind States Balance
  • Abandon fear and ride the wave of adrenaline through every work situation

Filled with real stories of real people and a 21-day developmental program of practical exercises and effective stress-management techniques, Work Makes Me Nervous will enable you to finally say, "I can handle whatever situations come my way."

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Table of Contents

Preface The Truth from Two Perspectives ix

CHAPTER 1 The Real Story of Anxiety at Work 1

CHAPTER 2 Diagnose Yourself and Create Your Map for Change 33

CHAPTER 3 Understanding Your Five Mind States 65

CHAPTER 4 Balancing Your Mind States for a High Performance Mind 95

CHAPTER 5 The Positive Power of Stress: Make It Work for You 125

CHAPTER 6 Going Deeper 165

CHAPTER 7 The Healthy Brain: “The Hardware of the Soul” 193

CHAPTER 8 Speak Up: How to Control Your Public Speaking Anxiety 215

CHAPTER 9 You Don’t Need Nerves of Steel: You Just Need an Attitude Adjustment 231

Bibliography 241

Index 245

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Author Information

JONATHAN BERENT, L.C.S.W., is a medically trained professional business performance consultant and the founder of Berent Associates. For over thirty years, Jonathan has pioneered psychotherapy for social anxiety and related problems. He is certified in clinical social work by New York State and as a biofeedback therapist by the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Jonathan has worked with over 10,000 people as well as corporate clients such as NBC, Bloomingdale's, and the United Federation of Teachers.

For more information, please visit www.socialanxiety.com

AMY LEMLEY is a freelance marketing copywriter and Web content specialist as well as a senior editor at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. In addition to her business perspective, Amy provides powerful insight into workplace anxiety, having experienced it herself and conquered it by following Jonathan's program.


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Press Release

September 08, 2010
Work Makes Me Nervous: Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed

It is estimated that one of out every eight people suffers from social anxiety. While we all admit being nervous at one point or another, social anxiety sufferers create obsessive feelings of worry and stress which actually threaten their professional and physical wellbeing. Even worse, the causes of social anxiety are most intense in the workplace, where it is rarely acknowledged and constantly overlooked. The ‘triggers’ of anxiety in a workplace environment are endless: meetings, brainstorming, sexual orientation, deadlines, the office dress code, and most commonly, public speaking.

Work Makes Me Nervous: How to Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed (Wiley; September 2010; $24.95) offers a psychotherapy-based program for conquering public speaking and workplace anxiety. Together, the two authors tell both sides of the story:  Jonathan Berent, LCSW, has been a pioneer in the treatment of workplace anxiety for the past 30 years; writer Amy Lemley is a former workplace anxiety sufferer.

Work Makes Me Nervous poses a simple question to anxiety sufferers: What if you could live the rest of your life and career free of social anxiety fears?

By using Work Makes Me Nervous as a “personal coaching system” for 21 days, you will conquer your nervousness and fears at work. Four essential steps build the premise of the system and the book delves into specific exercises to help overcome anxieties.

  1. Clarify your motivation. Why do you want to change? Get a better job? Improve your health?
  2. Diagnose your anxiety symptoms and use them to create change. Do you blush? Sweat? Stutter or feel ill?
  3. Develop a high performance mind. High performers are proactive, anxiety sufferers are reactive.
  4. Master the five step adrenaline control technique. You will learn to surf the wave of adrenaline that comes with anxiety and control it within seconds.

Work Makes Me Nervous is filled with real stories of real people who suffer from workplace anxiety. Their occupations may surprise you: Fortune 500 CEO’s, athletes, lawyers, and even major celebrities are victims of workplace anxiety.

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