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Telomerases: Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Applications

ISBN: 978-0-470-59204-5
318 pages
June 2012
Telomerases: Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Applications (0470592044) cover image


This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date review and evaluation of the contemporary status of telomerase research.  Chapters in this volume cover the basic structure, mechanisms, and diversity of the essential and regulatory subunits of telomerase.  Other topics include telomerase biogenesis, transcriptional and post-translational regulation, off-telomere functions of telomerase and the role of telomerase in cellular senescence, aging and cancer. Its relationship to retrotransposons, a class of mobile genetic elements that shares similarities with telomerase and serves as telomeres in selected organisms, are also reviewed.

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Table of Contents

Preface vii

Contributors ix

1 The Telomerase Complex: An Overview 1
Johanna Mancini and Chantal Autexier

2 Telomerase RNA: Structure, Function, and Molecular Mechanisms 23
Yehuda Tzfati and Julian J.-L. Chen

3 TERT Structure, Function, and Molecular Mechanisms 53
Emmanuel Skordalakes and Neal Lue

4 Telomerase Biogenesis: RNA Processing, Trafficking, and Protein Interactions 79
Tara Beattie and Pascal Chartrand

5 Transcriptional Regulation of Human Telomerase 105
Antonella Farsetti and Yu-Sheng Cong

6 Telomerase Regulation and Telomere-Length Homeostasis 135
Joachim Lingner and David Shore

7 Telomere Structure in Telomerase Regulation 157
Momchil D. Vodenicharov and Raymund J. Wellinger

8 Off-Telomere Functions of Telomerase 201
Kenkichi Masutomi and William C. Hahn

9 Murine Models of Dysfunctional Telomeres and Telomerase 213
Yie Liu and Lea Harrington

10 Cellular Senescence, Telomerase, and Cancer in Human Cells 243
Phillip G. Smiraldo, Jun Tang, Jerry W. Shay, and Woodring E. Wright

11 Telomerase, Retrotransposons, and Evolution 265
Irina R. Arkhipova

Index 301

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Author Information

NEAL F. LUE, MD, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College. He received his BS from Johns Hopkins University and his MD and PhD from Stanford University. His laboratory studies the structures and mechanisms of the telomere and telomerase complexes in a variety of fungal model systems.

CHANTAL AUTEXIER, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and the Department of Medicine at McGill University. She received her BSc from Concordia University and her PhD from McGill University. Her laboratory studies the mechanisms that regulate telomerase and telomere functions in mammalian cells, and evaluates the principles of anticancer strategies that target these mechanisms.

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