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CliffsNotes TExES: Generalist EC-6

ISBN: 978-0-470-59921-1
360 pages
September 2010
CliffsNotes TExES: Generalist EC-6 (0470599219) cover image
Trusted test prep for aspiring Texas-based teachers
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About the Test.

The CAT Version.

About This Book.

Answering Multiple-Choice Questions.

Understanding Learning Styles.

Focusing on Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Domain I: English Language Arts and Reading.

Competency 001 (Oral Language).

Competency 002 (Phonological and Phonemic Awareness).

Competency 003 (Alphabetic Principle) ..

Competency 004 (Literacy Development).

Competency 005 (Word Analysis and Identification Skills).

Competency 006 (Reading Fluency).

Competency 007 (Reading Comprehension and Applications).

Competency 008 (Reading, Inquiry, and Research).

Competency 009 (Writing Conventions).

Competency 010 (Written Communication).

Competency 011 (Viewing and Representing).

Competency 012 (Assessment of Developing Literacy).

Domain II: Mathematics.

Competency 013 (Mathematics Instruction).

Competency 014 (Number Concepts and Operations).

Competency 015 (Patterns and Algebra).

Competency 016 (Geometry and Measurement).

Competency 017 (Probability and Statistics).

Competency 018 (Mathematical Processes).

Domain III: Social Studies.

Competency 019 (Social Science Instruction).

Competency 020 (History).

Competency 021 (Geography and Culture).

Competency 022 (Economics).

Competency 023 (Government and Citizenship).

Domain IV: Science.

Competency 024 (Safe and Proper Laboratory Processes).

Competency 025 (Scientific Inquiry).

Competency 026 (Impact on Daily Life/Environment).

Competency 027 (Unifying Concepts and Processes in Science).

Competency 028 (Theory and Practice of Science Teaching).

Competency 029 (Assessments in Science Learning).

Competencies 030–033 (Physical Science).

Competencies 034–037 (Life Science).

Competencies 038–041 (Earth and Space Science).

Domain V: Fine Arts.

Competency 042 (Visual Arts).

Competency 043 (Music).

Competency 044 (Health).

Competency 045 (Physical Education).


Practice Test 1.

Answer Key.

Answer Explanations.

Practice Test 2.

Answer Key.

Answer Explanations.

Practice Test 3.

Answer Key.

Answer Explanations.

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