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A Guide to Faculty Development, 2nd Edition

Kay J. Gillespie (Editor), Douglas L. Robertson (Editor), William H. Bergquist (Afterword by)
ISBN: 978-0-470-60006-1
464 pages
February 2010, Jossey-Bass
A Guide to Faculty Development, 2nd Edition (0470600063) cover image


Since the first edition was published, the dynamics of higher education and faculty development have greatly changed. A Guide to Faculty Development provides an introduction and a guide to faculty development as well as new topics like working with adjuncts, diversity, multiculturalism, assessment, and different issues associated with the various types of campuses. Sponsored by The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, this revised and updated guide is essential for faculty developers and administrators newly involved as well as experienced in faculty development.
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Table of Contents


About the Authors.

Part One Establishing and Sustaining a Faculty Development Program.

1. Overview of Faculty Development: History and Choices (Mathew L. Ouellett).

2. Program Types and Prototypes (Virginia S. Lee).

3. Establishing an Educational Development Program (Douglas L. Robertson).

4. Working with a Faculty Development Committee (Kim M. Mooney).

5. Listen, Learn, Lead: Getting Started in Faculty Development (Margaret W. Cohen).

6. Important Skills and Knowledge (Todd D. Zakrajsek).

7. Promoting Your Program and Grounding It in the Institution (Ed Neal and Iola Peed-Neal).

8. Practical Suggestions for Programs and Activities (Donna E. Ellis and Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens).

Part Two Key Priorities in Faculty Development: Assessment, Diversity, and Technology.

9. Program Assessment for Faculty Development (Kathryn M. Plank and Alan Kalish).

10. Assessing Teaching Practices and Effectiveness for Formative Purposes (Michael Theall and Jennifer L. Franklin).

11. Assessment Practices Related to Student Learning: Transformative Assessment (Catherine M. Wehlburg).

12. Overview of Diversity Issues Relating to Faculty Development (Mathew L. Ouellett).

13. Conceptualizing, Designing, and Implementing Multicultural Faculty Development Activities (Christine A. Stanley0.

14. Working with Underrepresented Faculty (Franklin Tuitt).

15. International Faculty Development: Pursuing Our Work with Colleagues Around the World (Nancy Van Note Chism, David Gosling, and Mary Deane Sorcinelli).

16. Issues in Technology and Faculty Development (Sally Kuhlenschmidt).

Part Three Faculty Development Across Institutional Types, Career Stages, and Organizations.

17. Effective Practices at Research Universities: The Productive Pairing of Research and Teaching (Constance Ewing Cook and Michele Marincovich).

18. Effective Practices in the Context of Small Colleges (Michael Reder).

19. Faculty Development in the Context of the Community College (Helen Burnstad and Cynthia J. Hoss).

20. Graduate and Professional Student Development Programs (Laura L. B. Border and Linda M. von Hoene).

21. Working with Adjunct Faculty Members (Terri A. Tarr).

22. Supporting Faculty Members Across Their Careers (Ann E. Austin).

23. Organizational Development (Kay J. Gillespie).

Afterword by William H. Bergquist.


Name Index.

Subject Index.

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Author Information

Kay J. Gillespie is professor emerita at Colorado State University and an independent higher education consultant. She has been involved in faculty development for more than thirty years. She served on The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD) Core Committee, and was president of the organization in 1998-99. She was lead editor of the first edition of this title.

Douglas L. Robertson is dean of undergraduate education and professor of higher education at Florida International University. He has been involved in promoting innovation in U.S. higher education for more than thirty years and has over twenty years of administrative experience in undergraduate and graduate education. He is chair of The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education Publications Committee, as well as a member of the POD Core Committee. He has authored or coedited six books, including Making Time, Making Change: Avoiding Overload in College Teaching (New Forums Press, 2003) and Self-Directed Growth (Brunner-Routledge, 1988).

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