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The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance

ISBN: 978-0-470-60246-1
416 pages
April 2010, Jossey-Bass
The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance (0470602465) cover image
From BoardSource comes The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance. This comprehensive resource explores the overarching question of governance within nonprofit organizations and addresses the roles, structures, and practices of an effective nonprofit.

The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance covers the topics that are of most importance to those charged with creating and sustaining effective leadership, including building a board; succession planning; policies; financial oversight; fundraising; planning; strategic planning processes; risk management; and evaluation of the board, CEO, and organization.

Praise for The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance

"This is the first book I've found that covers the topic of governance from A to Z. I know what I'll be assigning the students in my governance class as a textbook next semester!"
Terrie Temkin, founding principal, CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc.

"BoardSource has prepared an exceptional resource for nonprofit boards and leaders. This comprehensive volume offers timely and relevant information about board work and governance, including practical tools and resources that will be valuable to all types of nonprofits."
David O. Renz, chair, department of public affairs; Beth K. Smith/Missouri Chair in Nonprofit Leadership; and director, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership; University of Missouri, Kansas City

"If you are involved in nonprofit organizations, and if you ever have doubts about how they are best run, this is the book for you—and BoardSource is the place to turn."
Fisher Howe, consultant, Lavender/Howe & Associates, and author, The Nonprofit Leadership Team

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1 In the Spirit of Service: Introduction to the Nonprofi t World.

2 What Is Governance?

3 Governance Roles.

4 Governance Structure.

5 The Board–Chief Executive Relationship.


6 Building a Board.

7 Legal and Ethical Responsibilities.

8 Financial Oversight.

9 Fundraising.

10 Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning.

11 Communications and Outreach.

12 Succession Planning and Chief Executive Transition.

13 Evaluation.

14 Bylaws and Policies.

15 Board Meetings.

16 Board Dynamics.

Appendix: Sample Policies for Nonprofi t Boards.

Board Member Fundraising.

Human Resources.

Code of Ethics.

Confl ict of Interest.

Confi dentiality.

Whistle-Blower Protection.

Record Retention and Document Destruction.

Executive Compensation.


Financial Audits.

Risk Management.

Media Relations.




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BoardSource (formerly the National Center for Nonprofit Boards) is the premier resource for practical information, tools and best practices, training, and leadership development for board members of nonprofit organizations worldwide.
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