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Ubuntu Linux Bible: Featuring Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-60450-2
1224 pages
June 2010
Ubuntu Linux Bible: Featuring Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 3rd Edition (0470604506) cover image

The best resource on the very latest for Ubuntu users!

Ubuntu is a free, open-source, Linux-based operating system that can run on desktops, laptops, netbooks, and servers. If you've joined the millions of users around the world who prefer open-source OS-and Ubuntu in particular-this book is perfect for you. It brings you the very latest on Ubuntu 10.04, with pages of step-by-step instruction, helpful tips, and expert techniques.

Coverage Includes:

  • The Ubuntu Linux Project
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Installing Ubuntu on Special-Purpose Systems
  • Basic Linux System Concepts
  • Using the GNOME Desktop
  • Using the Compiz Window Manager
  • Managing E-Mail and Personal Information with Evolution
  • Surfing the Web with Firefox
  • Migrating from Windows Systems
  • Sending and Receiving Instant Messages
  • Using Command-Line Tools
  • Working with Text Files
  • Creating and Publishing Documents
  • Other Office Software: Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Working with Graphics
  • Working with Multimedia
  • Consumer Electronics and Ubuntu
  • Adding, Removing, and Updating Software
  • Adding Hardware and Attaching Peripherals
  • Network Configuration and Security
  • Going Wireless
  • Software Development on Ubuntu
  • Using Virtual Machines and Emulators
  • Connecting to Other Systems
  • File Transfer and Sharing
  • Managing Users, Groups, and Authentication
  • Backing Up and Restoring Files
  • Setting Up a Web Server
  • Setting Up a Mail Server
  • Setting Up a DHCP Server
  • Setting Up a DNS Server
  • Setting Up a Print Server
  • Setting Up an NFS Server
  • Up a Samba Server

Updating your Ubuntu? Ubuntu Linux Bible, Third Edition, is the book you need to succeed!

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Part I: Getting Started With Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

Chapter 1: The Ubuntu Linux Project.

Chapter 2: Installing Ubuntu.

Chapter 3: Installing Ubuntu on Special-Purpose Systems.

Part II: Ubuntu for DesktopUsers.

Chapter 4: Basic Linux System Concepts.

Chapter 5: Using the GNOME Desktop.

Chapter 6: Using the Compiz WindowManager.

Chapter 7: Managing E-Mail and Personal Information withEvolution.

Chapter 8: Surfing the Web with Firefox.

Chapter 9: Migrating from WindowsSystems.

Chapter 10: Sending and Receiving Instant Messages.

Chapter 11: Using Command-Line Tools.

Chapter 12: Working with Text Files.

Chapter 13: Creating and PublishingDocuments.

Chapter 14: Other Office Software: Spreadsheets and Presentations.

Chapter 15: Working with Graphics.

Chapter 16: Working with Multimedia.

Chapter 17: Would You Like to Play a Game?

Chapter 18: Consumer Electronics and Ubuntu.

Chapter 19: Adding, Removing, and Updating Software.

Chapter 20: Adding Hardware and Attaching Peripherals.

Chapter 21: Network Configuration andSecurity.

Chapter 22: Going Wireless.

Chapter 23: Software Development onUbuntu.

Chapter 24: Using Virtual Machines andEmulators.

Chapter 25: Connecting to Other Systems.

Chapter 26: File Transfer and Sharing.

Part III: Ubuntu for System Administrators.

Chapter 27: Managing Users, Groups, and Authentication.

Chapter 28: Backing Up and RestoringFiles.

Chapter 29: Setting Up a Web Server.

Chapter 30: Setting Up a Mail Server.

Chapter 31: Setting Up a DHCP Server.

Chapter 32: Setting Up a DNS Server.

Chapter 33: Setting Up a Print Server.

Chapter 34: Setting Up an NFS Server.

Chapter 35: Setting Up a Samba Server.

Appendix: What's on the CD-ROM?


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William von Hagen (Bill) has been a UNIX system administrator for more than 20 years, and a Linux fanatic since the early 1990s. He has worked as a Linux product manager, systems programmer, system administrator, writer, application developer, drummer, and content manager. Bill has written or co-written books on such topics as Linux server hacks, GCC, Xen virtualization, Linux filesystems, SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, SGML, Mac OS X, and hacking the TiVo. He has also written numerous articles on Linux, embedded computing, Mac OS X, UNIX, and various open source topics. An avid computer collector specializing in workstations, he owns more than 200 computer systems but is not compulsive at all. You can reach him at wvh@vonhagen.org.
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