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Photoshop CS5 for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book

Ellen Anon, Josh Anon, George Lepp (Foreword by), Tony Sweet (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-0-470-60734-3
512 pages
June 2010
Photoshop CS5 for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book (0470607343) cover image


The only Photoshop-based book dedicated to photographing and producing images of nature

Award-winning nature photographers Ellen and Josh Anon reveal their secrets to creating stunning nature images using their field-tested methods and the very latest Photoshop techniques. The book is packed with practical workflows and smart, timesaving ways to use Photoshop’s broad array of tools to optimize images—from improving tonal values to adding effects to creating surreal montages with composites. The book is lavishly illustrated with spectacular examples from the authors as well as from some of the most esteemed nature photographers today.

  • Explains how to use the latest version of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to produce stunning nature images
  • Covers tools and workflows best suited to natural subjects
  • Features nature-focused photo-editing techniques, such as how to sharpen animal eyes, edit sky and land separately, and repair delicate images like butterfly wings
  • Provides shooting tips and crucial insights for how to master the digital darkroom
  • Includes pages of beautiful examples from the authors and other exceptional nature photographers

Learn practical Photoshop skills and gain the confidence to produce your own stunning images of nature with this practical and inspiring guide.

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Table of Contents

Foreword (Tony Sweet).

Foreword (George D. Lepp).


Chapter 1 Thinking Digitally.

Photographic Techniques.

Choosing RAW versus JPEG.

Understanding Histograms.


White Balance in Nature Photography.

Color Management.

Photographing Images to Composite Later.

Aperture and Lightroom.

Storage Considerations.

Chapter 2 Bridge.

Customizing Bridge.

Downloading Images.

Bridge Views and Workspaces.

Sorting and Editing.

Additional Features.

Mini Bridge.

Chapter 3 Adobe Camera Raw.

Using the ACR Interface.

Using the Basic Tab.

Setting the Other Tabs.

Making Localized Adjustments.

Making Targeted Adjustments.

Setting ACR Workflow Options and Saving Files.

Batch-Converting Multiple Images.

Chapter 4 Foundations.

Customizing Settings.

Views and Zoom.

Selection Tools.

Brush Tools.

Chapter 5 Workflows and First Steps.

Understanding Layers.

Flexible and Traditional Workflows.

Cropping and Straightening in Photoshop.

Doing Cleanup in Photoshop.

Chapter 6 Exposure Adjustments.

Shooting for Optimal Exposure.

Using the CS5 Adjustments Panel.

Tonal Adjustments with Levels.

Targeting Adjustments Using a Layer Mask.


Creating a Virtual Split Neutral-Density Filter.

Safe Dodge and Burn Layers.

The Shadows/Highlights Adjustment.

Emphasizing Your Subject.

Chapter 7 Color Adjustments.

Recognizing Color Casts.

Removing Color Casts.

Adding a Color Cast.

Modifying Colors to Match Nature or Add Impact.

Using Layer Masks with Color Adjustments.

Chapter 8 Composites.

Creating Panoramas.

Expanding Dynamic Range.

Extending the Depth of Field.

Combining Elements from Multiple Pictures.

Chapter 9 Creative Effects.

Black and White.

Painterly Images.


Digital Montages.

Digital Multiple Exposures.

Content-Aware Scaling.

Chapter 10 Output.

Output Workflow.

Printing Your Images.

Creating Business Cards and Greeting Cards.

Using Adobe Output Module.

Chapter 11 Time-Savers.

Actions and Batch Processing.

Using the Image Processor.

Creating a Copyright Brush.

Individualizing Keyboard Shortcuts.


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Author Information

Ellen Anon is an accomplished nature photographer. Her images have been showcased in gallery shows, calendars, posters, magazines, and books, including Sierra Club's Mother Earth and the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. She teaches photography and Photoshop workshops for nature photographers around the country and is the coauthor, along with Josh Anon, of Photoshop CS4 for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book. She is also a member of Nik Software's Team Nik. Josh Anon is a technical director at Pixar Animation Studios and has been a nature photographer for over half his life. His work has appeared in a variety of media including Nature's Best Photography and PhotoMedia. He also teaches for the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy. Both Ellen and Josh's images are represented by the prestigious Jaynes Gallery.
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Chapter 10 12.46 MB Click to Download
Chapter 10: George Lepp 34.26 MB Click to Download
Elements Video: Applying Curves 8.67 MB Click to Download
Elements Video: Creating Layer Masks 4.69 MB Click to Download
Elements Video: Developing a Workflow 6.65 MB Click to Download
Elements Video: Processing Multiple Files 9.09 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: Adobe Camera Raw Part One 32.22 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: Adobe Camera Raw Part Two 60.65 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: Bridge Part One 44.55 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: Bridge Part Two 59.75 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: New Views in Photoshop 31.37 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: Spring Loaded Tools 13.12 MB Click to Download
Photoshop Video: Using the Adjustment Panel 24.41 MB Click to Download
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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
A note regarding the videos available for download
Please note that the videos are supplemental to the material in Photoshop CS5 for Nature Photographers. Some of these were shot using Photoshop CS4 and cover features that have not changed between CS4 and CS5.
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