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Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness

ISBN: 978-0-470-63798-2
352 pages
March 2011, Jossey-Bass
Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness (0470637986) cover image


Provocative new management principles and practices that create effective organizations for shareholders and society

Management experts Lawler and Worley have developed a set of management principles that enable organizations to be both successful and responsible. Existing command & control and high-involvement management styles depend too much on stable conditions and focus too narrowly on economic outcomes. They convincingly argue that we need to "reset" our approach to management to one that fits today's demanding business environment. Starting with a change in how success is measured and a more realistic view of risk, Lawler and Worley take us through how strategy, governance, organization structure and talent should be managed. The result is an organization that can reliable produce financial, social, and ecological results.

  • Includes illustrative lessons from Microsoft, Cisco, Netflix, DaVita, Starbucks, Nokia, and the U.S. Secret Service
  • Offers clear prescriptions for managers who want to organize for sustainable performance effectiveness
  • Lawler and Worley are the authors of the bestselling Built to Change

Lawler and Worley outline why and how the current practice of management must change in order for organizations to achieve sustained organizational effectiveness.

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Table of Contents

Foreword v

Preface: From Change to Sustainable Effectiveness xi

1 Time for a Reset 1

2 Sustainable Management 21

Part One: The Way Value Is Created 41

3 Strategies for Sustainable Effectiveness 43

4 Developing a Strategy 71

Part Two: The Way Work Is Organized 97

5 Board Governance 99

6 Structures for Sustainable Effectiveness 127

7 Sustainable Work Systems 155

Part Three: The Way People Are Treated 175

8 Managing Performance 177

9 Reward Systems 201

10 Managing Talent 227

Part Four: The Way Behavior Is Guided 251

11 Leading, Managing, and Following 253

12 Transforming to Sustainable Management 279

Notes 305

Acknowledgments 315

The Authors 317

Index 319

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Author Information

Edward E. Lawler III is the Director of the Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California and Distinguished Professor of Business in Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California. He is the author or coauthor of numerous books including Treat People Right!, From the Ground Up, Organizing for High Performance, Rewarding Excellence, The Ultimate Advantage, and Talent, all from Jossey-Bass.

Christopher G. Worley is a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California, and Professor of Management at Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management. He has authored five editions of Organization Development and Change, the largest-selling textbook in OD, and numerous articles on organization design. Lawler and Worley are the coauthors of Built to Change from Jossey-Bass.

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Press Release

April 04, 2011
Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2011 – Today’s organizations are under intense pressure to meet new performance demands. And the only way they can succeed, according to organization effectiveness experts Edward E. Lawler III and Christopher G. Worley, is to make fundamental changes to strategy, organization design and leadership. Traditional management models that focus on hierarchy and maximizing profit are failing; to thrive, today’s organizations must be structured and managed to address social and environmental impacts as well as financial results. In their latest book, Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness (Jossey-Bass, 2011), Lawler and Worley provide prescriptive practices for doing so.

“The old ways of managing are obsolete,” said Lawler, professor of business at the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business, and founder and director of the University’s Center for Effective Organizations (CEO). “Today’s complex, global business world demands a new approach to management; one that makes change easy and delivers triple bottom-line results. Without a complete ‘management reset,’ many businesses simply will not survive.”

Redefining the Management Model

Management Reset is a guide to how organizations need to be managed and designed to achieve what Lawler and Worley have termed “sustainable effectiveness” – or long-term success aligned with triple bottom-line performance. This new approach to management integrates agility and responsibility, and allows organizations to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s environment.

“We are challenging the ways businesses and their leaders think about decision making,” added Worley, senior research scientist in USC’s CEO and professor of management at Pepperdine University. “They need to start making changes now because it’s only going to get more challenging from here on. This is the future of management.”

Starting with changes in how organization effectiveness is measured and a more realistic view of risk, Management Reset explores how strategy, governance, organization structure and talent should be managed in businesses to produce sustainable financial, social and environmental results. Lawler and Worley provide illustrative lessons from well-known organizations that are already profiting from these sustainable management principles and practices, including Microsoft, Cisco, Netflix, DaVita, Starbucks and the U.S. Secret Service.

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