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Audel Millwrights and Mechanics Guide, 5th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-63801-9
1152 pages
March 2010
Audel Millwrights and Mechanics Guide, 5th Edition (047063801X) cover image


The hardcover, fully updated edition of the only multi-craft trade guide

Respected by generations of skilled workers, Audel Millwright's and Mechanic's Guide is the only trade manual to cover maintenance and troubleshooting for all the mechanical trades in a single volume. Now available in hardcover, it covers the newest equipment on shop floors as well as older machinery, sometimes more than 30 years old, for which little maintenance and repair information remains available. Millwrights, mechanics, machinists, carpenters, pipe fitters, electricians, engineers, and those who supervise them will find this book invaluable.

  • The only hardcover maintenance and repair manual to cover all the mechanical trades in one guide
  • This updated guide covers new industrial machinery as well as 30-year-old equipment for which little information can be found
  • Essential for those who repair machinery as well as machinists, carpenters, pipe fitters, electricians, millwrights, mechanics, engineers, mechanical technicians, industrial maintenance managers, and construction tradespeople

This hardcover edition of Audel Millwright's and Mechanic's Guide is as valuable to today's skilled workers as previous editions were to their fathers and grandfathers.

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Table of Contents

Introduction v

About the Author vi

Chapter 1 Safety 1

Chapter 2 Drawing and Sketching 7

Chapter 3 The Basic Toolbox 49

Chapter 4 Portable Power Tools 59

Chapter 5 Stationary Power Tools 89

Chapter 6 Measurement 101

Chapter 7 Screw Threads 109

Chapter 8 Mechanical Fasteners 129

Chapter 9 Machinery and Equipment Installation 153

Chapter 10 Bearings 187

Chapter 11 Principles of Mechanical Power Transmission 245

Chapter 12 Shafting 253

Chapter 13 Flat Belts 263

Chapter 14 V-Belt Drives 293

Chapter 15 Chain Drives 323

Chapter 16 Gears 351

Chapter 17 Couplings 373

Chapter 18 Gaskets, Packings and Seals 409

Chapter 19 Lubrication and Oil Analysis 453

Chapter 20 Vibration Measurement 461

Chapter 21 Preventive and Predictive Maintenance 471

Chapter 22 Electricity 479

Chapter 23 AC Motors 495

Chapter 24 Fans and Blowers 509

Chapter 25 Pumps 523

Chapter 26 Air Compressors 551

Chapter 27 Pipe Fittings 589

Chapter 28 Pipe Valves 627

Chapter 29 Structural Steel 649

Chapter 30 Sheet-Metal Work 669

Chapter 31 Welding 693

Chapter 32 Sharpening Saws 749

Chapter 33 Wood Fastening 765

Chapter 34 Carpentry 805

Chapter 35 Blacksmithing 891

Chapter 36 Rigging 913

Chapter 37 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 987

Chapter 38 Mensuration and Mechanical Calculations 1015

Appendix 1039

List of Vendors 1071

Index 1075

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Author Information

Thomas Bieber Davis is a mechanical engineer and trainer in preventive and predictive maintenance at all levels. He has also developed preventive maintenance products for industrial use.

Carl A. Nelson wrote numerous practical manuals for the mechanical trades, including earlier editions of this book, before his death in 1993.

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Press Release

September 08, 2010
Audel Millrights and Mechanics Guide, 5E.

Leading Audel author Tom Davis talks about history and quality of Audel brand. Davis discusses the breadth of product and content that Audel publishes, as well as highlighting some of the key areas.

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