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ECG Interpretation for Everyone: An On-The-Spot Guide

ISBN: 978-0-470-65556-6
404 pages
February 2012, Wiley-Blackwell
ECG Interpretation for Everyone: An On-The-Spot Guide (0470655569) cover image


This is a book for any care provider - from advanced students and nurses to residents and even specialists - who needs to master the interpretation of ECGs, especially while "on the spot" at the point of care. This easy-to-use, visual guide takes a novel approach, foregrounding the visual clues or "keys" that readers can learn to recognize in ECGs and thus make rapid decisions about next steps at the point of care. The comparatively minimal text focuses on "must-know" information about the underlying cause of ECG abnormalities.

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Table of Contents

Master Algorithm, viii

Preface, ix

Chapter 1: Technical Issues, 1

Chapter 2: The Normal ECG, 13

Chapter 3: ECG Interpretation Basics, 32

Chapter 4: Abnormal Repolarization: ST Segment Elevation, 37

Chapter 5: Abnormal Repolarization: ST Segment Depression, 98

Chapter 6: Abnormal Repolarization: T Wave Changes and the

QT Interval, 117

Chapter 7: Abnormal Depolarization: A Prominent R Wave in V1, 148

Chapter 8: Abnormal Depolarization: Wide QRS Complexes and Other Depolarization Abnormalities, 184

Chapter 9: Arrhythmias: Normal Rates and Skips, 214

Chapter 10: Arrhythmias: Bradycardia, 241

Chapter 11: Arrhythmias: Tachycardia, 272

Chapter 12: Arrhythmias: Pacing, 334

Chapter 13: Clinical Use of the ECG: Stress Testing, 347

Chapter 14: Clinical Use of the ECG: Clinical Problems, 366

Appendices, 380

Index, 387

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Author Information

Fred Kusumoto, MD is Associate Professor of Medicine at Mayo College of Medicine and Director of the Electrophysiology and Pacing Section at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida. He has been heavily involved in teaching throughout his career and received Mayo’s Excellence in Training in the Discipline of Cardiovascular Diseases two years in a row. He also earned the Teacher of the Year award at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Kusumoto has written two books on cardiac devices and cardiac pathophysiology and has authored over fifty journal articles and book chapters. His most recent book is our own Understanding Intracardiac EGMs and ECGs (2010).

Pam Bernath, RN, also of Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL, has been a nurse for almost forty years and has taught ECG analysis to the nursing staff at Mayo for the past six years. This will be her first book publication.

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