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The Handbook of Global Energy Policy

ISBN: 978-0-470-67264-8
564 pages
May 2013, Wiley-Blackwell
The Handbook of Global Energy Policy (0470672641) cover image


This is the first handbook to provide a global policy perspective on energy, bringing together a diverse range of international energy issues in one volume.

  • Maps the emerging field of global energy policy both for scholars and practitioners; the focus is on global issues, but it also explores the regional impact of international energy policies
  • Accounts for the multi-faceted nature of global energy policy challenges and broadens discussions of these beyond the prevalent debates about oil supply
  • Analyzes global energy policy challenges across the dimensions of markets, development, sustainability, and security, and identifies key global policy challenges for the future
  • Comprises newly-commissioned research by an international team of scholars and energy policy practitioners


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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables ix

Notes on Contributors xiii

Introduction: Key Dimensions of Global Energy Policy 1

Andreas Goldthau

Part I Global Energy: Mapping the Policy Field 13

1 The Role of Markets and Investment in Global Energy 15
Albert Bressand

2 The Entanglement of Energy, Grand Strategy, and International Security 30
Meghan L. O’Sullivan

3 Sustainability, Climate Change, and Transition in Global Energy 48
Michael Bradshaw

4 The Development Nexus of Global Energy 64
Gilles Carbonnier and Fritz Brugger

Part II Global Energy and Markets 79

5 The Oil Market: Context, Selected Features, and Implications 81
Christopher Allsopp and Bassam Fattouh

6 Natural Gas Going Global? Potential and Pitfalls 98
Matthew Hulbert and Andreas Goldthau

7 The Breakout of Energy Innovation: Accelerating to a New Low Carbon Energy System 113
Michael LaBelle and Mel Horwitch

8 Recent Trends in Upstream Petroleum Agreements: Policy, Contractual, Fiscal, and Legal Issues 127
Honor´e Le Leuch

9 National Oil Companies: Ensuring Benefits and Avoiding Systemic Risks 146
Charles McPherson

Part III Global Energy and Security 157

10 Global Resource Scramble and New Energy Frontiers 159
Øystein Noreng

11 Cooperation and Conflict in Oil and Gas Markets 176
Dag Harald Claes

12 The “Gs” and the Future of Energy Governance in a Multipolar World 190
Charles Ebinger and Govinda Avasarala

13 Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation 205
Yury Yudin

Part IV Global Energy and Development 225

14 Energy Access and Development 227
Subhes C. Bhattacharyya

15 Resource Governance 244
Andrew Bauer and Juan Carlos Quiroz

16 The “Food Versus Fuel” Nexus 265
Robert Bailey

17 Energy Efficiency: Technology, Behavior, and Development 282
Joyashree Roy, Shyamasree Dasgupta, and Debalina Chakravarty

Part V Global Energy and Sustainability 303

18 Regulation, Economic Instruments, and Sustainable Energy 305
Neil Gunningham

19 The Role of Regulation in Integrating Renewable Energy: The EU Electricity Sector 322
Jaap Jansen and Adriaan van der Welle

20 Global Climate Governance and Energy Choices 340
Fariborz Zelli, Philipp Pattberg, Hannes Stephan, and Harro van Asselt

21 The Growing Importance of Carbon Pricing in Energy Markets 358
Christian Egenhofer

22 The Influence of Energy Policy on Strategic Choices for Renewable Energy Investment 373
Rolf Wu¨ stenhagen and Emanuela Menichetti

Part VI Regional Perspectives on Global Energy 389

23 Global Energy Policy: A View from China 391
Alvin Lin, Fuqiang Yang, and Jason Portner

24 Dismounting the Subsidy Tiger: A Case Study of India’s Fuel Pricing Policies 407
Sudha Mahalingam

25 The EU’s Global Climate and Energy Policies: Gathering or Losing Momentum? 421
Richard Youngs

26 Energy Governance in the United States 435
Benjamin K. Sovacool and Roman Sidortsov

27 Global Energy Policy: A View From Brazil 457
Suani T. Coelho and Jos´e Goldemberg

28 Global Oil Market Developments and Their Consequences for Russia 477
Andrey A. Konoplyanik

29 Nigeria: Policy Incoherence and the Challenge of Energy Security 501
Ike Okonta

Conclusion: Global Energy Policy: Findings and New Research Agendas 521
Andreas Goldthau

Index 525

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Author Information

Andreas Goldthau is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Public Policy at Central European University, Budapest. He is also an Adjunct Professor with Johns Hopkins’ MSc in Energy Policy and Climate and a Fellow with the Global Energy Governance program of Global Public Policy Institute. He is the co-editor of Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia (with Kuzemko, Belyi & Keating, 2012) and Global Energy Governance: The New Rules of the Game (with Witte, 2010), as well as co-author of Imported Oil and U.S. National Security (with Crane, Toman, Light & Johnson, 2009) and OPEC (with Witte, 2009).
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“The Handbook of Global Energy Policyprovides a timely reference book for those interested to gain a better understanding of the many issues related to the governance and management of energy policy at the global scale . . . The Handbook, anyway, is a welcome and valuable reference for better understanding energy governance at the global scale.”  (Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 1 October 2014)

“Recommended.  Upper-division undergraduate, graduate, research, and professional collections.”  (Choice, 1 February 2014)

"New technologies and social pressures are transforming the world's energy markets. Andreas Goldthau makes sense of this shifting landscape in this invaluable new Handbook on global energy policy. It offers the big picture as well as excellent new essays focused on key topics including oil exploration and production contracts, fiscal regimes for natural resource exporters, and the emerging tensions between food and the production of biofuels. Particularly interesting is the Handbook's treatment of emerging topics in the global natural gas industry and the possible future roles for renewable energy supplies. Throughout it is balanced and well-informed."—David Victor, University of California, San Diego

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