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Understanding Prescription Drugs For Canadians For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-67704-9
June 2010
Understanding Prescription Drugs For Canadians For Dummies (047067704X) cover image


The ultimate Canadian guide to prescription medication

Over half of all Canadians take at least one prescription drug, but most of us know very little about the medication we're taking, including why we've been prescribed anything in the first place. Understanding Prescription Drugs Canadians For Dummies will answer many of the questions Canadians have about prescription drugs, but were afraid ask our doctors and pharmacists. Topics covered include:
* What a prescription drug is
* Common concerns
* Side effects
* Ailments and drugs used to treat them
* Prescribing practices
Understanding Prescription Drugs For Canadians For Dummies will go beyond the encyclopedic and often overwhelming information offered in massive pill books on the Web. It will empower readers, providing them with the knowledge they need as responsible consumers.
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Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding Prescription Drugs.

Chapter 1. Dummies Chapter One.

Chapter 2. What is a Prescription Drug?

Chapter 3. How Prescription Drugs Work.

Part II: From the Lab to You.

Chapter 4. Creating, Regulating, and Marketing Medicine.

Chapter 5. Understanding the Cost of Prescription Drugs.

Chapter 6. Your Doctor, Your Pharmacist, and You.

Chapter 7. Drug Interactions and Side Effects.

Chapter 8. Prescription Drugs and Moms-to-be, Kids, and Grandparents.

Chapter 9. Dealing with Emergencies.

Part IV: Preserving & Enhancing Life: Prescription Drugs for Three of Canada’s Top Diseases.

Chapter 10. Getting to the Heart of Cardiovascular Disease.

Chapter 11. Dealing with Diabetes.

Chapter 12. Treating Cancer.

Part V: Medications for All Occasions.

Chapter 13. Treatment That's in Your Face: Treating Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat.

Chapter 14. The Brain and Beyond: Treating Psychiatric and Neurologic Diseases.

Chapter 15. Helping You Breathe Easy: Treating Lung Disease.

Chapter 16. Keeping the Joint Hopping: Treating Arthritis.

Chapter 17. Belching, Bloating and Bowel Movements: Treating Diseases of the Esophagus, Stomach and Colon.

Chapter 18. Keeping the Waters Flowing: Treating Disorders of Kidney and Bladder Function.

Chapter 19. Not So Swell: Treating Infections.

Chapter 20. Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll: Treating Sexual Dysfunction and Endocrine Diseases.

Chapter 21. Allergies and Analgesics: Treating Allergic Disorders and Pain.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22. Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor.

Chapter 23. Ten Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist.

Chapter 24. Ten Questions to Ask Yourself.

Appendix: Resources.

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Author Information

Dr. Ian Blumer (Toronto, ON) has been a physician for almost 25 years, with a very large practice in the greater Toronto area. Through his popular Web site (ianblumer.com), extensive contacts within the medical community, many media engagements, and his numerous speaking engagements for the Canadians Diabetes Association, he is a well-known medical figure in Canada. He is the author of What Your Doctor Really Thinks and co-author of Diabetes For Canadians For Dummies.

Dr. Heather McDonald-Blumer (Toronto, ON) is a member of the rheumatology group and the University Health Network Osteoporosis Program at Mt. Sinai. In addition to her interest in the provision of clinical care, Heather has a particular interest in medical education and teaches at undergraduate, postgraduate and CME levels.

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