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Time-Varying Waveform Distortions in Power Systems

ISBN: 978-0-470-71402-7
396 pages
August 2009, Wiley-IEEE Press
Time-Varying Waveform Distortions in Power Systems (0470714026) cover image


A comprehensive review of analytical signal processing techniques applied to power systems and power quality applications.

This reference book is unique in addressing time-varying waveform and harmonic distortions. It details many different approaches, pooling cutting edge material from university lecturers and practising power engineers to provide a wide spectrum of expertise.

Divided into clear sections, the book discusses a range of topics including…

  • current and voltage variations;
  • standards and measurement issues;
  • advanced techniques such as spectral, time-frequency, probabilistic;
  • and further methods, such as independent   component analysis, and   fuzzy logic.

Case studies, real world data and examples (including basic application examples and sample waves from industrial sites) supplement the theory and demonstrate the methods shown. 

With extensive appendices in addition, this book is of great value to power systems, utility, maintenance and instrumentation engineers. It is also a useful source of information for researchers and consultants, university professors and graduate students in power systems and power quality areas.

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Table of Contents

Contributors xi

Preface xiii

Website Information xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Part I General Concepts and Definitions 1

1 Probabilistic aspects of time-varying harmonics 3
R. E. Morrison, Y. Baghzouz, P. F. Ribeiro and C. A. Duque

2 Probability distribution and spectral analysis of nonstationary random processes 19
P. F. Ribeiro and C. A. Duque

3 Transients and harmonics 25
T. H. Ortmeyer

4 Electric power definitions under random conditions 29
A. E. Emanuel

5 Visualizing Joseph Fourier's imaginative discovery via FEA 39
P. J. Masson, P. M. Silveira, C. A. Duque and P. F. Ribeiro

Part II Current Variations 51

6 Summation of random harmonic currents 53
R. Langella and A. Testa

7 Probabilistic modeling of single high-power loads 73
R. Langella and A. Testa

Part III Voltage Variations 93

8 Probabilistic modeling for network analysis 95
P. Caramia, P. Verde, P. Varilone and G. Carpinelli

9 Probabilistic modeling of harmonic impedances 115
R. Langella and A. Testa

Part IV Standards and Measurement Issues 129

10 Time-varying and probabilistic considerations: setting limits 131
T. H. Ortmeyer, W. Xu and Y. Baghzouz

11 Probabilistic harmonic indices 137
P. Caramia, G. Carpinelli, A. Russo, P. Verde and P. Varilone

12 Measurement techniques and benchmarking 149
J. Driesen and J. Van den Keybus

Part V Applications and Case Studies 159

13 Harmonic summation for multiple arc furnaces 161
J. Wikston

14 Treatment of measured harmonic currents in filters of an HVDC system 167
S. Carneiro Jr and A. C. de Freitas Marotti

Part VI Advanced Techniques 173

15 Visualization of time-varying waveform distortions with wavelets 175
P. M. Silveira and P. F. Ribeiro

16 Wavelets for the measurement of electrical power signals 187
J. Driesen

17 Fuzzy logic application for time-varying harmonics 197
B. R. Klingenberg and P. F. Ribeiro

18 Real-time simulation of time-varying harmonics 211
Y. Liu, M. Steurer and P. F. Ribeiro

19 Independent component analysis for harmonic studies 217
E. Gursoy and D. Niebur

20 Enhanced empirical mode decomposition applied to waveform distortions 233
N. Senroy, S. Suryanarayanan and P. F. Ribeiro

21 Harmonic and interharmonic on adjustable speed drives 253
R. Langella and A. Testa

22 Tracking time-varying power harmonic distortions 277
C. A. Duque, P. M. Silveira, T. Baldwin and P. F. Ribeiro

23 Enhanced DFT for time-varying harmonic decomposition 289
P. M. Silveira, C. A. Duque, T. Baldwin and P. F. Ribeiro

24 Enhanced PLL based filter for time-varying harmonic decomposition 303
J. R. Carvalho, C. A. Duque, M. V. Ribeiro, A. S. Cerqueira and P. F. Ribeiro

25 Prony analysis for time-varying harmonics 317
L. Qi, S. Woodruff, L. Qian and D. Cartes

Appendix A: Time-varying harmonic currents from large penetration electronic equipment 331
A. Capasso, R. Lamedica and A. Prudenzi

Appendix B: Sample of waveforms and decompositions 357
C. A. Duque, M. V. Ribeiro and P. F. Ribeiro

Index 367

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Author Information

Professor Paulo F. Ribeiro, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49546, USA
Professor Ribeiro is professor of Engineering at Calvin College, Michigan. He has been involved with the application of advanced signal processing, applied to power quality and power systems in general, for the past fifteen years. For the past six years he has chaired the IEEE Task Force on Probabilistic Aspects of Harmonics. In 1994 he proposed the use of wallets to power quality applications; this has been followed by many people and has generated much research, several Masters and a PhD Thesis. Dr. Ribeiro is active in the IEEE, CIGRE and IEC working groups on power quality, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Iowa.
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