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Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies, UK Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-72101-8
320 pages
January 2012
Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies, UK Edition (0470721014) cover image


It's becoming more common for organisations to use assessment centres as part of their recruitment drive. So if you've recently been invited to one, and you're not sure what to expect or how to excel, then this is the book for you. You'll be guided through how each activity is conducted and how to prepare for each part of the selection process. You'll find expert advice on how to shine in every activity - and get the career you want.

Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies covers:

  • Standing Out in Group Exercises
  • Impressing in Oral Presentations
  • Achieving in Analysis Exercises
  • Performing in Planning and Scheduling Exercises
  • Perfecting Your Approach to Psychometrics
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Introducing Assessment Centres 5

Chapter 1: Demystifying Assessment Centres 7

Chapter 2: How an Assessment Centre Works 27

Chapter 3: Maximising Your Chances of Success 47

Part II: Mastering Assessment Centre Exercises 61

Chapter 4: Standing Out in Group Exercises 63

Chapter 5: Impressing in Oral Presentations 81

Chapter 6: Starring in Role-Plays 99

Chapter 7: Shining in Fact-Finding Exercises 119

Chapter 8: Achieving in Analysis Exercises 131

Chapter 9: Performing in Planning and Scheduling Exercises 145

Chapter 10: Managing In-Basket or Inbox Exercises 157

Part III: Excelling at Non-Exercise Assessment Centre Activities 175

Chapter 11: Responding Effectively in Interviews 177

Chapter 12: Perfecting Your Approach to Psychometric Tests 199

Chapter 13: Tackling Other Activities 217

Chapter 14: Learning from Attending an Assessment Centre 233

Part IV: The Part of Tens 255

Chapter 15: Ten Ways to Impress the Assessors 257

Chapter 16: Ten Ways of Behaving Effectively 265

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Achieving Peak Performance 273

Index 279

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Author Information

Nigel Povah is the Managing Director of A&DC, a practice specialising in assessment methods and developing people's potential at work. He is a leading expert in the Assessment Centre field.

Lucy Povah is a Senior Consultant at AC&DC and has a Master's degree in Occupational Psychology.

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