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Understanding Criminal Investigation

ISBN: 978-0-470-72725-6
294 pages
November 2009
Understanding Criminal Investigation (047072725X) cover image


This comprehensive volume deciphers investigative process and practice, providing an authoritative insight into key debates and contemporary issues in crime investigations
  • Provides critical examination of investigative practice by focusing on the key issues and debates underpinned by academic literature on crime investigation
  • Outlines the theoretical explanations that provide an understanding of crime investigation and the context in which investigators operate
  • Illustrates the practical relevance of theoretical contributions to crime investigation
  • Places clear emphasis on the multi-disciplinary nature of crime investigation
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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables.

List of Abbreviations.

About the Authors.

Series Preface.



 1 Introduction: A Brief History of Criminal Investigation (Stephen Tong).

2 Theories of Criminal Investigation (Robin P. Bryant).

 3 Forms of Reasoning and the Analysis of Intelligence in Criminal Investigation (Robin P. Bryant).

4 Offender Profiling (Miranda A. H. Horvath).

 5 Eyewitness Evidence (Miranda A. H. Horvath).

6 Investigative Interviewing (Lynsey Gozna and Miranda A. H. Horvath).

7 Assessing Performance: Quantity or Quality? (Stephen Tong).

8 Criminal Investigation in Context (Stephen Tong, Robin P. Bryant and Miranda A. H. Horvath).

9 Professionalising Investigation (Stephen Tong).

10 Conclusion: Future Challenges in Criminal Investigation (Stephen Tong, Robin P. Bryant and Miranda A. H. Horvath).



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Author Information

Stephen Tong is Principal Lecturer in Policing at Canterbury Christchurch University. He is currently engaged in developing new and established police programmes and conducting research involving direct mediation in prison. He is also a member of the Higher Education Forum for Learning and Development in Policing.

Robin P. Bryant is Director of Criminal Justice Practice in the Department of Law and Criminal Justice Studies at Canterbury Christchurch University. He has published widely on policing, particularly on the use of intelligence in criminal investigation, and has also advised various police enquiries.

Miranda A. H. Horvath is Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at Forensic Psychological Services, Middlesex University.  Her research focuses on sexual violence from an applied social psychological perspective.

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"This book will therefore be of very real interest to a wide range of uniformed services, most especially the
police. The book is also very helpfully designed so that it lends itself for use as a practical teaching guide . . . The use of chapter summaries, review questions, suggested further reading, and useful websites are also very helpful in getting to grips with the subject." (A Journal of Policy and Practice, 12 July 2011)

"A valuable contribution to understanding the process of criminal investigation and demystifying detective work'--Professor Ben Bowling, Professor of Criminology Justice, King's College London

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