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iPhone SDK Programming: Developing Mobile Applications for Apple iPhone and iPod touch

ISBN: 978-0-470-74282-2
396 pages
March 2009
iPhone SDK Programming: Developing Mobile Applications for Apple iPhone and iPod touch (0470742828) cover image
With iPhone SDK Programming, developers have the expert guidance they need to begin building native applications for Apple's new iPhone 3G as well as the iPod touch. Inside, veteran mobile developer and Bell Labs scientist Maher Ali begins with a foundational introduction to Objective C and Cocoa programming, and then guides you through the building programs with Apple's iPhone SDK.

iPhone SDK Programming covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Objective-C programming language

  • Collections

  • Cocoa Touch

  • Building advanced mobile user interfaces

  • Core Animation and Quartz 2D

  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) designs

  • Table Views File management

  • Parsing XML documents using SAX and DOM

  • Working with Google Maps API

  • Consuming REST Web Services

  • Building advanced location-based applications

  • Developing database applications using the SQLite engine

  • Building Multimedia applications

  • Making use of the camera and video Working with the accelerometer

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1 Objective-C and Cocoa

1.1 Classes

1.2 Memory Management

1.3 Protocols

1.4 Properties

1.5 Categories

1.6 Posing

1.7 Exceptions and errors

1.8 Key-Value Coding (KVC)

1.9 Multithreading

1.10 Summary


2 Collections

2.1 Arrays

2.2 Sets

2.3 Dictionaries

2.4 Summary


3 Anatomy of an iPhone Application

3.1 HelloWorld Application

3.2 Building the HelloWorld Application

4 The View

4.1 View Geometry

4.2 The View Hierarchy

4.3 The Multi-Touch Interface

4.4 Animation

4.5 Drawing

5 Controls

5.1 The Foundation of All Controls

5.2 UITextField

5.3 Sliders

5.4 Switches

5.5 Buttons

5.6 Segmented Controls

5.7 Page Controls

5.8 Date Pickers

5.9 Summary

6 View Controllers

6.1 The Simplest View Controller

6.2 Radio Interfaces

6.3 Navigation Controllers

6.4 Modal View Controllers

6.5 Summary

7 Special-Purpose Views

7.1 Picker View

7.2 Progress Views

7.3 Text View

7.4 Alert View

7.5 Action Sheet

7.6 Web View

8 Table View

8.1 Overview

8.2 The Simplest Table View Application

8.3 A Table View With Both Images and Text

8.4 A Table View With Sections Headers and Footers

8.5 A Table View With The Ability to Delete Rows

8.6 A Table View With The Ability to Insert Rows

8.7 Reordering Table Rows

8.8 Presenting Hierarchical Information

8.9 Grouped Table Views

8.10 Indexed Table Views

8.11 Summary

9 File Management

9.1 The Home Directory

9.2 Enumerating A Directory

9.3 Creating and Deleting a Directory

9.4 Creating Files

9.5 Retrieving and Changing Attributes

9.6 WorkingWith Resources and Low-Level File Access

9.7 Summary

10 Working with Databases

10.1 Basic Database Operations

10.2 Processing Row Results

10.3 Prepared Statements

10.4 User-Defined Functions

10.5 Storing Blobs

10.6 Retrieving Blobs

10.7 Summary


11 XML Processing

11.1 XML and RSS

11.2 Document Object Model (DOM)

11.3 Simple API for XML (SAX)

11.4 An RSS Reader Application

11.5 Summary


12 Location Awareness

12.1 The Core Location Framework

12.2 A Simple Location-Aware Application

12.3 Google Maps API

12.4 A Tracking ApplicationWith Maps

12.5 WorkingWith ZIP Codes

12.6 Summary


13 Working with Devices

13.1 Working with the Accelerometer

13.2 Audio

13.3 Video

13.4 Device Information

13.5 Taking and Selecting Pictures

13.6 Summary

A Saving and Restoring App State

B Invoking External Applications

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