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The First Move: A Negotiator's Companion

ISBN: 978-0-470-75008-7
264 pages
March 2010
The First Move: A Negotiator


"Time management is essential for successful negotiations. This book helps you do first things first."
Jeanne Brett, DeWitt W. Buchanan,Jr. Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, and Director of the Dispute Resolution Research Center

"This book brings a breakthrough method to lead efficient negotiations."
—Yann Duzert, Professor, Foundation Getulio Vargas, Brazil

"Even if you only implement 5% of this method, your clients will find you more attentive to their needs."
—John Wong, Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group, Hong Kong Office

"A one-of-a-kind and most welcome companion for negotiators. It offers a learner-friendly distillation of tested ideas and good practices."
—Pierre Debaty, Head of the Brussels Training Office, European Parliament

"Drawing on their extensive experience in over 50 countries, the authors provide the best of Anglo-Saxon and continental Europe negotiation approaches."
—AJR Groom, University of Kent at Canterbury

"Whether you negotiate abroad or in your home country, this book is a must."
—Tetsushi Okumura, Professor, Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Economics

"Many former enemies started thinking and acting differently after having integrated the principles of this book."
—Howard Wolpe, Special Advisor to the Africa Great Lakes region, former Member of US Congress

"This negotiation method makes a difference for business and government leaders, who want to act more responsibly."
—Theo Panayotou, Professor, Cyprus International Institute for Management & Harvard Kennedy School of Government

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Table of Contents


Introduction Experimenting with a Renewed Method before Resorting to Old Reflexes.

How to develop relevant responses for negotiation.

Chapter 1 Questioning before Negotiating.

How to move beyond an instinctive approach.

Chapter 2 Preparing Negotiations before Performing.

How to plan for process, problems, and people.

Chapter 3 Doing the Essential before the Obvious.

How to deal with the process.

Chapter 4 Optimising Joint Value before Dividing It.

How to deal with the problem.

Chapter 5 Listening before Speaking.

How to deal with people (1) – active communication.

Chapter 6 Acknowledging Emotions before Problem-Solving.

How to deal with people (2) – the challenges.

Chapter 7 Deepening the Method before Facing Complexity.

How to manage negotiations in multilevel, multilateral and multicultural contexts.

Chapter 8 Formalising the Agreement before Concluding.

How to reap the benefits of negotiation.

Conclusion Personalising your Theory before Practicing.

How to continue to improve your negotiation skills.



ESSEC IRENE: Negotiators of the World.




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Author Information

Alain Lempereur (SJD Harvard) is the ESSEC Negotiation and Mediation Chair Professor and former visiting professor at Harvard. He advises global corporations and facilitates expert meetings for international organizations.

Aurélien Colson (PhD Kent, MBA) is Associate Professor at ESSEC and Director of the Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe (IRENE). He contributes to post-conflict facilitation efforts in war-torn societies.

Michele Pekar (MTS Harvard) is ESSEC MBA International Development Director. She worked in politics and fundraising, and built partnerships around the world. She is a senior negotiation trainer.

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