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Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities

ISBN: 978-0-470-75951-6
272 pages
April 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities (0470759518) cover image


Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities examines how the two key issues of urban conservation and sustainability relate to each other in the context of historic cities, and how they can be brought together in a common philosophy and practice that is mutually supportive. It sets out the theoretical and practical background to architectural conservation and how its perceived relevance and level of attainment can be extended when harnessed to wider agendas of sustainability and cultural identity. It tests the achievement of urban conservation through examples from across Europe and further afield and relates them to the sustainability agenda.
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Table of Contents



Definitions: Conservation and Sustainability.

1 Conservation: Background.

2 Urban Planning Context.

3 Sustainability: Background.

4 Conservation: International Initiatives and Directions.

5 Conservation: United Kingdom Position and Directions.

6 Sustainable Cities and Urban Initiatives.

7 Managing World Heritage Cities: United Kingdom.

8 Managing Historic Cities: The Bottom-Up Approach.

9 The Coincidence Between Conservation and Sustainability.

10 The Challenge and the Opportunity.




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Author Information

Dennis Rodwell has had 25 years’ experience as a practising architect working in the fields of building conservation and urban regeneration and continues to consult in this area. From 1999-2003 he was Conservation Officer and Urban Designer for Derby City Council.
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The Wiley Advantage

* Sets out the relationship between successful architectural conservation and wider agendas of sustainability and cultural identity
* Summarises the weaknesses in current philosophy and practice in urban conservation
* Provides practical advice for administrators and practitioners in the field of the historic environment and sustainable urban development
* Features case studies from across Europe
* Author has extensive practical experience in building and urban conservation
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'There are only a limited number of books on the subject of urban conservation and [this book] is a welcome addition' Journal of Architectural Conservation

'Provides a rounded discussion of sustainability, urban conservation and cultural identity, highlighting the links between them and ending with summary of the challenges and opportunities' Context

'The book makes a well argued, balanced case for fresh thinking about historic cities and their cultural and social roles beyond tourism assets.' Cornerstone

'A useful resource to both students and professionals' Construction History Society Newsletter

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