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CFO Guide to Doing Business in China

ISBN: 978-0-470-82373-6
200 pages
February 2009
CFO Guide to Doing Business in China (0470823739) cover image


CFO Guide to Doing Business in China has gathered all the important aspects based on the author's personal experiences as a CFO, a financial consultant, an entrepreneur and also a successful businessman in China for over a decade. It is not only a Guide for CFOs of foreign companies in China, but also a practical book for investors who want to do or are already doing business in China. Although the book focuses on financial, accounting, taxation, and auditing aspects, it also gives tips to newcomers on how to be more effective when doing business in China. The coverage includes the understanding of Chinese culture, managing and dealing with the Chinese people, strategies to expand your business in China. Practical contents based on real cases to help businesses get started and navigate the intricacies of China's accounting system, taxation issues, currency controls, risk management, outsourcing, people management, employment issues, mergers and acquisitions.
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Getting Started I: Market Entry Strategy and Study.

Chapter 2: Getting Started II: Establishing the Entity.

Chapter 3: China’s Accounting System.

Chapter 4: Foreign Exchange Controls.

Chapter 5: Taxation.

Chapter 6: China’s 2008 Corporate Tax Reform.

Chapter 7: Audit and Annual Inspection.

Chapter 8: Hiring and Employment.

Chapter 9: The 2008 Labor Contract Law.

Chapter 10: Outsourcing.

Chapter 11: Risk Management and Internal Audit.

Chapter 12: Expanding Across China.

Chapter 13: Mergers and Acquisitions in China.

Chapter 14: Financing Options.

Chapter 15: Negotiation.

Chapter 16: Culture

Chapter 17: Closing a Business in China.


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Author Information

Ching Mia Kuang has held various key appointments throughout his career. He was the Regional Accountant (South Europe) of Singapore Airlines, overseeing the financial operations of various cities such as London, Zurich, Paris, Rome, Athens and other stations. In this role, he also helped establish the financial operations of the Madrid office.

Mia Kunag later joined Fullmark Pte. Ltd. as its Group Financial Controller responsible for operations in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam. He was in charge of strategic investments, treasury, group financing, and mergers & acquisitions.

Another appointment Mia Kuang held was the Chief Accountant of Dalian Container Terminal (DCT), a flagship joint venture between the port authorities of Singapore and Dalian. He played a key role in generating operational efficiency, profitability and return on capital for DCT.

Mia Kuang, co-founded Shanghai Sino-Biz Financial Advisory Company Ltd. (predecessor firm of SBA Stone Forest) and currently leads the corporate secretarial, accounting and tax services divisions. In addition, he is actively involved in corporate finance and investment deals. His successful track record includes that of assisting a major investment fund in the divestment of an infrastructure project. He has also assisted several major global clients in securing partnership agreements with Chinese domestic players.

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