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Managerial Decision Making Leadership: The Essential Pocket Strategy Book

ISBN: 978-0-470-82525-9
160 pages
August 2010, Jossey-Bass
Managerial Decision Making Leadership: The Essential Pocket Strategy Book (0470825251) cover image


The modern manager faces a bewildering range of challenges every single day. Their ability to make critical decisions, often under pressure, can directly determine the future success of the company and their career. It is therefore surprising that so few managers take the time to learn the art of decision making. In this groundbreaking book from Caroline Wang, readers will learn that quality decision making is a competence that can be acquired according to a simple framework. The framework is practical and easy-to-remember, consisting of two acronyms: GPA and IPO.

GPA for decision content quality (Goal, Priority, Alternatives); and IPO for decision process quality (Information, People, Objective reasoning). The book places emphasis on leading a team to make decisions, even though the framework can be used for personal and individual decisions.

By using this common decision-making framework, managers and leaders will gain credibility and team support for the decision, will confidently articulate, promote, and defend the decision, and will have made the necessary preparations for successful implementation when the decision-making process is complete.

This proven framework from one of Asia's most dynamic leadership experts will improve the quality of your decisions and change the way you do business.

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Table of Contents

Preface vii

Introduction xi

1 Decisions and Decision Making 1

2 Decision-Making Traps 9

3 GPA: G for Goal 23

4 GPA: P for Priorities 39

5 GPA: A for Alternatives 57

6 IPO: O for Objective Reasoning 73

7 IPO: I for Information 85

8 IPO: P for People 99

9 Conclusion 119

Bibliography 125

Index 127

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Author Information

Caroline Wang is Professor of Business Practice at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School.  She has taught MBA and Executive education programs at HKUST, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and National University of Singapore, with course topics covering Managerial Decision Making and Leadership, Managerial Communication, Leading Change, and Business Leadership.

Caroline was formerly Vice President and the highest ranking Asian female executive at IBM globally with over 30 years of diverse working experiences in the United States and across Asia Pacific.  During her stint at IBM her responsibilities spanned 12 functional areas, including being Vice President of Marketing, Information Technology, and Business Transformation.     

Caroline currently serves as Board Director for three companies in Finance, Biomedical, and Technology industries.

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This book responds to today's cries for greater transparency about how decisions are going to be made and provides a template-backed up by rich personal experiences and common sense-that ensures that the right content and processes are brought into play in making high-quality decisions.
-- Barry Z. Posner, PhD
Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University
The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership

Managerial Decision Making and Leadership offers management insights and a practical framework for all managers to effectively lead the team to make quality business decisions. An essential pocket book to carry.
-- Sophia Tong
CEO, Testrite Group

Managerial Decision Making and Leadership offers a balance of real world experience and sound conceptual theory. It explains in practical terms how to lead a team to make quality decisions. It offers the balance of empowerment and accountability. A must read for all managers.
-- Dr. John C. M. Lee
Chairman and CEO, Asia Vision Technology

Managerial Decision Making and Leadership outlines a decision-making framework that can help managers in all cultures to effectively lead their team to make quality decisions to achieve organizational goals.
-- Ruimin Zhang
Chairman and CEO, Haier Group

The decision-making framework described in this book is simple yet comprehensive and can be used by all managers in cross-cultural environments to enhance decision transparency and team involvement.
-- Yukako Uchinaga
Director and Executive Vice President, Benesse Holdings, Inc. and
Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Berlitz International, Inc.


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