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Web Server Programming

ISBN: 978-0-470-85097-8
620 pages
June 2003, ©2003
Web Server Programming (0470850973) cover image
When the web transitioned from a publishing to an interactive e-commerce medium, standardised web-browsers entered widespread use and developers were able to rely on a relatively stable client component. Since then, server-side developments have blossomed and resulted in considerable ease of programming, efficiency and increasing sophistication of the server-side environment.
Focusing on various technologies that support the server-side processing of data from web-based forms, principally CGI style programs, scripting and Java solutions, this is a book tailored to the technical and computational components of running a commercial and successful website. To benefit most from this approach, you will have a working knowledge of HTML, some programming experience in Java or C++, and limited experience with databases. Its concentration on server-side to the exclusion of web-page design and client-side concerns will be welcomed by practitioners and students who want hands-on and in-depth guidance on:
* Setting up and running an Apache server
* Use of Perl for web CGI programming and support administrative tasks
* PHP Scripting - ideal for prototyping small web services
* Servlet technologies
* JSP - separating the issues of business programming and presentation
* XML - a few of its applications
* Advanced services with EJBs
* NET's new world order - a better model for client/server interaction
The unified presentation allows for evaluation and comparison and cuts down on tedious duplication of content. Use it as a map to navigate the strengths and niches of each of the tools to help judge which best suits your environment and requirements. Realistic examples help to ground this broad coverage of server technologies and will prove invaluable for web masters, systems administrators and students looking for careers requiring web programming skills. Please visit booksite:
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IP and DNS.



Java Servlets.

JSP: Java Server Pages.


Enterprise Java.

Future Technologies?

Appendix A: Minimalist Guide to HTML and JavaScript.

Appendix B: Active Server Pages: ASP (scripting).

Appendix C: .NET.


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  • Illustrates the common principles underlying server side programming so that this knowledge can be applied when using new tools, scripting languages, or servers
  • First survey of Web server tools to include .NET technologies
  • Focuses on technical–not design–aspects of Web programming
  • Covers all the practical issues involved in managing a highly distributed and networked system
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Gray Companion SiteThe companion site to 'Web Server Programming' contains: Tutorials, Examples and Web links. The URL address for the website is:
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Instructor Companion Site
The companion site to 'Web Server Programming' contains: Tutorials, Examples and Web links. The URL address for the website is:
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