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Validation of Communications Systems with SDL: The Art of SDL Simulation and Reachability Analysis

ISBN: 978-0-470-85286-6
310 pages
June 2003
Validation of Communications Systems with SDL: The Art of SDL Simulation and Reachability Analysis (0470852860) cover image
Validation of Communications Systems with SDL provides a clear practical guide to validating, by simulation, a telecom system modelled in SDL. SDL, the Specification and Description Language standardised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), is used to specify and develop complex systems such as GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IEEE 802.11 or Hiperlan. Since the downturn in the telecom industry, validating a system before its implementation has become mandatory to reduce costs.

This volume guides you step by step through the validation of a simplified protocol layer, from interactive simulation to proof of properties using reachability analysis combined with observers. Every step is explained, using the two main SDL tools commercially available: ObjectGeode™ and Tau SDL™ Suite, both from Telelogic.


  • Short tutorial on SDL
  • Presentation of the protocol layer case study
  • Interactive simulation, MSC generation
  • Scripting, automatic non-regression
  • Auto matic validation against MSC, HMSC, etc.
  • Random simulation
  • Exhaustive and bit-state simulation
  • Errors detected and not detected by simulation
  • Other simulator features

This book offers you the opportunity to:

  • Learn expert validation techniques and tips
  • Master advanced simulation features of Telelogic ObjectGeode™ and Tau SDL Suite™
  • Practice 156 hands-on exercises with solutions. The SDL models and scripts used in the exercises can be downloaded from the Web.
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Quick Tutorial on SDL.

The V.76 Protocol Case Study.

Interactive Simulation.

Automatic Observation of Simulations.

Random Simulation.

Exhaustive Simulation.

Other Simulator Features.



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Laurent Doldi worked for several years in safety-critical software development at Airbus. He then joined Verilog in 1987 where he used SDL for many customer applications. Since 1997 Doldi has been a private consultant, using Telelogic's ObjectGeode™ and Tau SDL Suite™ for design, simulation and code generation worldwide on UMTS, GPRS, rocket mission-critical software, PC firmware, and several satellite communications systems. Laurent Doldi is also author of SDL Illustrated - Visually design executable models - TMSO - ISBN 2-9516600-0-6.
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