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Adaptive Array Systems: Fundamentals and Applications

ISBN: 978-0-470-86189-9
290 pages
April 2005, ©2005
Adaptive Array Systems: Fundamentals and Applications (0470861894) cover image


In the last fifty years, extensive studies have been carried out worldwide in the field of adaptive array systems. However, far from being a mature technology with little research left to tackle, there is seemingly unlimited scope to develop the fundamental characteristics and applications of adaptive antennas for future 3G and 4G mobile communications systems, ultra wideband wireless and satellite and navigation systems, and this informative text shows you how!
  • Provides an accessible resource on adaptive array fundamentals as well as coverage of adaptive algorithms and advanced topics
  • Analyses the performance of various wideband beamforming techniques in wideband array processing
  • Comprehensively covers implementation issues related to such elements as circular arrays, channel modelling and transmit beam forming, highlighting the challenges facing a designer during the development phase
  • Supports practical implementation considerations with detailed case studies on wideband arrays, radar, sonar and biomedical imaging, terrestrial wireless systems and satellite communication systems
  • Includes examples and problems throughout to aid understanding
  • Companion website features Solutions Manual, Matlab Programs and Electronic versions of some figures

Adaptive Array Systems is essential reading for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in the field of adaptive array systems. It will also have instant appeal to engineers and designers in industry engaged in developing and deploying the technology. This volume will also be invaluable to those working in radar, sonar and bio-medical applications.

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Table of Contents



List of Figures.

List of Tables.


I.1 Adaptive Filtering.

I.2 Historical Aspects.

I.3 Concept of Spatial Signal Processing.

1 Fundamentals of Array Signal Processing.

1.1 Introduction.

1.2 The Key to Transmission.

1.3 Hertzian Dipole.

1.4 Antenna Parameters & Terminology.

1.5 Basic Antenna Elements.

1.6 Antenna Arrays.

1.7 Spatial Filtering.

1.8 Adaptive Antenna Arrays.

1.9 Mutual Coupling & Correlation.

1.10 Chapter Summary.

1.11 Problems.

2 Narrowband Array Systems.

2.1 Introduction.

2.2 Adaptive Antenna Terminology.

2.3 Beam Steering.

2.4 Grating Lobes.

2.5 Amplitude Weights.

2.6 Chapter Summary.

2.7 Problems.

3 Wideband Array Processing.

3.1 Introduction.

3.2 Basic concepts.

3.3 A Simple Delay-line Wideband Array.

3.4 Rectangular Arrays as Wideband Beamformers.

3.5 Wideband Beamforming using FIR Filters.

3.6 Chapter Summary.

3.7 Problems.

4 Adaptive Arrays.

4.1 Introduction.

4.2 Spatial Covariance Matrix.

4.3 Multi-beam Arrays.

4.4 Scanning Arrays.

4.5 Switched Beam Beamformers.

4.6 Fully Adaptive Beamformers.

4.7 Adaptive Algorithms.

4.8 Source Location Techniques.

4.9 Fourier Method.

4.10 Capon’s Minimum Variance.

4.11 The MUSIC Algorithm.

4.12 ESPRIT.

4.13 Maximum Likelihood Techniques.

4.14 Spatial Smoothing.

4.15 Determination of Number of Signal Sources.

4.16 Blind Beamforming.

4.17 Chapter Summary.

4.18 Problems.

5 Practical Considerations.

5.1 Introduction.

5.2 Signal Processing Constraints.

5.3 Implementation Issues.

5.4 Radiowave Propagation.

5.5 Transmit Beamforming.

5.6 Chapter Summary.

5.7 Problems.

6 Applications.

6.1 Introduction.

6.2 Antenna Arrays for Radar Applications.

6.3 Antenna Arrays for Sonar Applications.

6.4 Antenna Arrays for Biomedical Applications.

6.5 Antenna Arrays for Wireless Communications.

6.6 Chapter Summary.

6.7 Problems.



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